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Good Evening.
How's Monday going?

Mine has been quiet although I'm getting things done. I even took some time out to regroup and nap.

I created and posted the above image on my facebook page earlier today. 

I did so because I'm kind of concerned about how quiet people are on facebook.

It is a little concerning how quiet people are being yet understandable.
People are scared due to the Corona Virus.
People are processing what's going on, and yes some stocking up like crazy on toilet paper.
I might be wrong but I think besides stocking up on toilet paper people are now stepping back, pulling in to themselves, dealing with fear and trying to settle themselves.

I want to encourage people to be vocal when their ready, share, seek support and not isolate even if we have to stay in our own homes.
In addition, I'll keep working on my e-book, 'Preparing Everyday Meals and/or to be Prepared',  as well as sharing items often that will be in the e-book to help everyone have some things to work with.

Here's what I made today and will also be in the e-book! 

Creamy Butter

I don't know about you but I hate my butter being hard and tearing my bread or biscuits. 

I soften 4 sticks of butter(1 lb) at room temperature, and add 1 Tablespoon liquid Lecithin (you can purchase below if you would like), 1 Teaspoon Salt if you want salted butter, adding 1-400 IU Vitamin E (You can order it below as well), and 1 cup Safflower oil. You can experiment with different oils if you prefer something else and have it available. 

I mix with a mixer until nice and creamy. You can do so by hand if no mixer or power. It just takes a little more muscle.
Store in the frig and your butter will stay soft and creamy. 

 I do like to make my own butter and I'll share a recipe for that another time.
If you'd like to order your Liquid Lecithin, click the image below.
I am an Amazon Affiliate so you'll be taken to Amazon to order.

Fearn Natural Foods Liquid Lecithin, 16 Ounce

 I look forward to sharing more with you soon. 

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Grinding Grains at Home 

There are many reasons why you may want to grind your own grains at home. Making your own flour is a rewarding experience, and your product will still have all of the nutrients and flavor that commercial milling takes away. In a survival situation, you may only have access to grains, nuts and seeds and will need to know how to make your own flour from what you have. Milling at home is also a great way to blend unique flours so that you can make baked goods with distinctive flavor, nutritional, and texture profiles. It’s also amazingly simple and requires very little time.

 What Kinds of Grains Work Best?

Traditional flours are made predominantly from wheat, barley, and rye. Corn is also up there on the list, especially for people who enjoy cornbread or corn tortillas.You don’t have to limit yourself to making flour from just grains. You can make it from nuts, seeds, beans, rice, and roots as well. These lend beautiful flavors and distinctive textures to your finished flour and may also be a viable alternative to those who don’t want the gluten that’s in wheat, rye, and barley.You do need to know that if you’re not using wheat, barley, or rye in your flours, they will behave differently because they lack gluten, the protein that gives those types of flours elasticity and also helps them bind and rise. You can always add xanthan gum or guar gum to other flours to mimic that if you need to but the textures won’t be quite the same.Here is a list of just a few of the products that you can use to make flour at home:
 Barley (though it’s bitter you don’t want to use it alone)
Nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, pecans, macadamias, and walnuts
 Seeds such as sunflowers, hemp, pumpkin, amaranth and flax
 Potatoes (yes, potatoes)
 This is by no means an inclusive list but it’s a starting point. How you grind them depends upon how hard they are. With the exception of some beans, the products above all grind well in a coffee grinder or food processor.

 Grinding Your Grains

Many grains are easily ground just by using a food processor or even a good blender. Others require heavier equipment such as a flour mill. Other tools that can be used include the old school mortar and pestle, spice mills, manual or electric coffee grinders and small electric grinders made specifically for home milling.Using a mortar and pestle may very well be your only option if SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan) but we recommend being well-prepared for making your own flour if that’s what you plan to do.
You can pick up a manual coffee grinder at yard sales, flea markets and even the store for very little money. Make sure to grab an heir and a spare, too. If one breaks, you’re going to need a backup. 
 Depending upon where you live, you may have access to some sort of nut, seed, or grain even if you don’t stockpile any. If you live near soybean fields or have a walnut or pecan tree, you’re golden. You can, of course, always grow corn, sunflowers, and pumpkins, too.Until then, you may wish to use your food processor or mill since you have electric because it’s much easier.If you’ve purchased grains, corn or seeds for grinding, you can mill them just as they are. If you’d like, you can always toast the seeds and nuts to add a bit more flavor. Now, let’s get started.

1. Make sure that your product is clean and dry. Often there are bugs, rocks, or other debris in there and you don’t want to grind those up into your flour. As a matter of fact, though the bugs may add more protein (kidding!), the rocks will be pretty hard on your grinder, so pick through carefully. 

2. Fill your grinder or food processor up no more than 2/3 of the way. Half is better so that the product can reach the blades and be ground equally. 
3. Grind until you have smooth, fluffy flour.  

4. Open your grinder and pick out the larger chunks. You can grind a bit more or just pick them out and grind them alone, which is probably the better option. Toss them in with the next turn, if you’re doing more, or just do them alone. No need to waste them. 
5. Repeat the process until you’ve made all of the flour that you need. 

6. Sift the flour (you don’t have to but we like to for some recipes and for some products because it gets out the rest of any little chunks. A chunk of nut is ok, but we’re not big fans of having half of a garbanzo bean in our brownies!

 7. Store your flour in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, preferably the freezer or fridge. Because it’s fresh and isn’t packed full of bleach and preservatives, your “live” flour won’t last as long as the “dead” store-bought ones. 

Helpful Tips:
If your grinder sounds like it’s bogging down, check for nuts, seeds, or grains that are stuck under the blades. If it’s clear and still sounds like that, you may have too much in there. Pour some out and grind two batches.
Always be sure that your equipment is clean because these flours will go rancid quickly. If there is still flour stuck in there from the last time, you’re adding gross flour and other nasties into your fresh batch.

Don’t over-grind your nuts. Otherwise, you’ll have nut butter instead of flour. Pulse them until they’re flour but be careful. Though almond butter is delicious, it’s not nearly as good for dredging pork chops in as almond flour is!

 Difference between Meal and Flour

 You have undoubtedly heard of cornmeal and possibly even almond meal, but what’s the difference between a meal and flour? Meals are ground more coarsely. They’re great for several different uses because they add a heartier flavor and more texture to your goods. They’re bad, though, if you’re shooting for something nice and light to make a cake with.
 To make meal, just don’t grind your product as long. When it starts to get a crumbly texture, you’re done. Compare it mentally to cornmeal. You want to keep that grainy feel.
This is really good when you’re making a hearty loaf of country bread but if you’re shooting for hot rolls, grind longer. Grinding your own grains is a wonderful idea for surviving a SHTF scenario because you’re getting a ton of nutrition from your flour. Commercial white flour has practically no nutrients other than carbohydrates, and there’s not really any fiber in there to help slow down the digestion.Though white bread is better than starving to death, freshly ground flours offer nutrition and fiber that will help you be hearty and full regardless of your circumstances. And they taste great, too!

 I hope this helps you to get started making your own flour at home if your not already.
Did you see my post on making your own white basic bread yesterday? If not you can view it here:
Basic White Bread

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I'm seriously looking into doing this with hay not straw. This will be great for the area that stays kind of wet and not useful for much else.
I think it's very ingenious. After fertilizing the hay bales initially and water for aproximately 10 days you add your starters and seeds. Then there is a minimal of weeds and no more fertilizing.
This is also going to be good for doing herbs as well.
Learn more here: Hay Bale Gardening
I'm going to look into craigslist and other places. There are times I've found things dirt cheap or for free so I'll see what I come up with and will be one way I'll get my seeds and starts going.
If nothing else I'm sure there is a local farmer to purchase from.
Is this something you might consider doing or not?
Learn more here: Hay Bale Gardening

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Do you ever feel like your inundated with information about how bad things are in the world! 
And all that bad stuff can make us so mad at times. A least it has me at times.

One of my favorite authors, Paul Wheaton at has helped me have a change of heart and mind with his book, Building a Better World in Your Backyard Instead of Being Angry at the Bad Guys. Paul Wheaton and Shawn Klassen-Koop have done a phenomenal job  helping me and I don't nearly get so frustrated these days. 
I've discovered for every problem in the world around me there is a solution I can put into practice in my own backyard. I can do these things and have a pretty darn comfortable existence. Paul calls it living a more luxuriant life.
 Think about it... most of us probably get so darn mad at stuff because we truly care and want things to be better. The only problem is too many people stay stuck in being angry with very little change or impact happening!
I believe if you and I do just a small amount of things mentioned in  Building a Better World in Your Backyard Instead of Being Angry at the Bad Guys our impact will be huge right where we live.About the Authors
"Paul Wheaton is a giant doofus who is bonkers about permaculture. He won’t shut up about permaculture. On and on, every day . . . it’s annoying. He has gone so far as to make a 3-DVD set that is just about the earthworks for permaculture gardening. And not only did he make a 4-DVD set about rocket mass heaters, but he made ANOTHER 4-DVD set about rocket mass heaters. Why on earth do people need 8 DVDs about something so simple? If you think that is ridiculous, take a look at his 177 hours of video of a full Permaculture Design Course, and Appropriate Technology course. Then there’s the cards. Okay, the permaculture playing cards are pretty cool...

Shawn Klassen-Koop’s passion for building a better world grew from many years of working at a summer camp. This time inspired awe and wonder for the natural world through many hours camping in the woods, paddling on a lake, or sleeping under the stars. Seeking to solve world problems with clever thinking, Shawn decided to pursue computer engineering as a career, where he learned the importance of good design and strong critical thinking. In time he felt like modern technology was causing more problems than it was solving and started looking for a better way. "

Thanks for reading and I hope you will get your copy as well as consider getting a few extras to share!

 Click Below to Order:
 Physical Book
Audio Book

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Hey how's your Saturday going? I'm wondering what you can do to think outside of the box on this extra day we're getting this month. Share if you have any thoughts! I'm making a few modifications to the group and will begin sharing a bit more out of the box thoughts soon. I've been watching Preppernet on youtube ( the last few nights on Corona virus. It's usually on at 9 pm and after my bedtime but a good opportunity to stay up and become knowledgeable. I refuse to be encumbered by fear in being prepared no matter what comes my way but am committed to being wise as well as sharing wisdom with you. Now as I go forth and recovering from being sick (no not corona virus) I am even more so committed to share! P.S. Let me know if you decide to be on the tonight on youtube and I'll look for you. 
Thrive Don't Just Survive
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Welcome to 'Thrive Don't Just Survive. The purpose of the group is to think more out of the box, be prepared for any emergency or disaster,stay up-to-...
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Happy Friday everyone! What will you be up to today? Is weather fairly nice where you are? I'm going to be off to the store after while for a few supplies then home for the day. It's going to be a fairly decent day temp wise. Still won't be doing a lot outside yet since not quite up to it but in time. Since guys are done working on the house it will be a quiet day for the dogs now 😀 
Thrive Don't Just Survive
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Welcome to 'Thrive Don't Just Survive. The purpose of the group is to think more out of the box, be prepared for any emergency or disaster,stay up-to-...

Good morning and the best Thursday to everyone. It's going to be another beautiful day here even if somewhat cool. What are your plans today? 
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Welcome to 'Thrive Don't Just Survive. The purpose of the group is to think more out of the box, be prepared for any emergency or disaster,stay up-to-...

Good afternoon. How's everyone? Are you working on planning or starting your spring planting. I'm a bit slow to get started and now that warmer weather is showing it's face I'm doing some planning and going to get started. How about you?

Good afternoon. How's your week been so far?
It's been fairly decent temps here until this afternoon. Temps are supposed to fall way below zero brrrr
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Good morning, I hope your week has gone well and you enjoy your Sunday. 
What will you be up to today?

Good evening. How's your Saturday been? It's cold and snowy here. A good night to have warm soup and a sandwich. 

Good morning. How's your Saturday going?
It's quite cold and blizzard like here. These snowmen would stay in place at the table if the temps drop more before the wind picks up more 😁 😂
Iowa winter has brought lots of snow and severe cold. I'm definitely being careful if going out if at all.

Good morning. How's your Saturday going?
It's quite cold and blizzard like here. These snowmen would stay in place at the table if the temps drop more before the wind picks up more 😁 😂
Iowa winter has brought lots of snow and severe cold. I'm definitely being careful if going out if at all.

Good afternoon. It's one cold day here today with temps finally 10 degrees above zero till the next snow storm tomorrow morning.
The dogs and are definitely staying warm and toasty.


Welcome to the new page for Thrive Not Survive!
Since this is new there isn't a lot here yet so I thought I'd share what I created last August since it's still as vital as ever in preparing for any disaster.

 I've Created 'Gone Before You Get There' For People Like You. Be Prepared for any Disaster or Emergency that Happens. I've Created the video to show what's in the E-book I've prepared for you. Gone Before You Get There is yours right now for $19.99. The link is below to get your E-book. Once your payment has cleared you'll receive an email to download your ebook. 
When I make updates to the book you will receive the updated copy for free so be sure to sign up at the bottom of this page for updates and don't miss a thing.

Gone Before You Get There Ebook

Even If It's a Rainy Day

Happy Saturday I found myself wishing the sun would come out and dry things up a bit. But then I got to thinking about somethin...