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Keri at Idea Girl Media is thinking of doing a live to help those working at home due to the virus and/or working online for your business. As Keri mentioned to me, "We have the gift of time" & I couldn't agree more. I am open to staying focused and going forth. Watch the live below. If interested in her doing another live, head on over to Idea Girl Media & tell her!

 Hello everyone. How's things been going? I just let my dog, Rusty out and he came in drenched from constant rain. I toweled him off and he's good to go.Does he care he was!! I've grappled with feeling drenched with all Covid-19 has and is involving. Have I thrown in the towel and said the hell with business, my passion and helping others! Nope!

 I have all the more opportunity to develop myself, share with you and others as well as develop my business endeavors.
And you know what, I am taking more time to get to know you and others, make new friends, encourage others if they want it and more. Business isn't about just selling someone something. It's about building relationships and trust. I wish folks would grab a hold of this more. 

If I'm going to live, do business and act or react in desperation to Covid-19 and in business I'm doomed in my opinion. I'll admit I process things everyday and have concerns and fears like everyone else. I'd be a liar if I said I don't!
I'd love to hear your thoughts. Everyone deals with things differently and many of us process what's happening with Covid-19 every day and may do so differently.
Perfection isn't the name of the game but going forward together is!


#Desperation #Perfection #BuildingRelationships #EncouragingOthers #DevelopOurselves 

Hi everyone and good evening. 
How has your Tuesday and St Patrick's Day been? 
Mine has been a good one. I put ribs in the crock pot and had a nice dinner, a nice strong cup of java ☕️ along with catching some Criminal Minds on the tube.
This is my happy picture tonight 😃 I did a review for a program new to me but rocking it, Group Convert and loving how it's going to transform my business. 
Here's my review I did on Google Chrome using the Group Convert extension. Here's my actual review on Google Chrome: Cindy Fox 3 hours ago
I am so rocked about this extension and Group Convert. I have been developing a few groups and wanted a way to stay more connected with each person who joins. as well as share offers and articles they may be interested in. I had trouble with spammers on one particular group so this helps me weed out some of this too. I receive such excellent support and far better than any other services I've tried. Group Convert is the beginning of transforming my business to another level. Thank you Kim and all the support team!! "GroupConvert is the beginning of transforming my business to another level." - Cindy Fox 
 And below is what Kim Dang shared. The creator and inspiration I have for this awesome beginning.
Thank you Cindy for your kind words!
What is GroupConvert? It's a chrome extension that lets you grab emails from your fbook group and send it to your email autoresponder.
Why is it useful in THESE times? 🔥It is recession proof. People will still need it to build their online courses and online following. 🔥It is low barrier to entry. You can get started for free. 🔥It helps you communicate to people online right away.
If you are interested in what this transformational chrome extension can do for YOUR business... #TRANSFORM below and I'll send you my 7 Step Guide To Recession Proofing Your Business with Simple Software and How You Can Get Started Right Away 👇 
So if your interested, follow the link below an add #TRANSFORM in the comments. 
 *Cindy- P.S. There support is beyond imaginable and since I'm not so techie I had help to get all 4 of my groups set up in less than an hour. I'd say, "Go For It" 
#GroupConvert #Kimdang #ChromeExtension #RockingMyGroups #Transform #review #MyHappy #StartNow

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Happy Monday everybody. 
I hope Monday is off to a great start for you.
This image and saying, "Worrying is Just a Misuse of Your Imagination" is so Me too many times.
I do better more times than not these days to take my imagination/creativity back and put worry under my feet. Does this resound with anyone else? Since I'm single and now I've started working on my business and no longer working a job too, worry that to me = fear can sneak right up on me. I make a conscious decision everyday and several times a day if need be to stop it! I keep my focus on my determination, creativity, tenacity to overcome and every resource at my disposable to overcome. 

If you relate to this, what do you do to keep on track? 
Go ahead and share in the comments. It may just help someone else make it through this day a lot easier.
 I took this from my post at Nichaholic and Graphics. Please connect with me there if you'd like.
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Good afternoon.
I'd like to share a couple more amazing business owners this afternoon.
I want to firstly, introduce the lovely Ces Rosanna Price and her beautiful Branding support. She's amazing. I hope you will stop over and visit and share.
Ces is having a  Free Branding Support Day
you don't want to miss out on.
Ces is a branding designer who creates soulful designs. She seeks to inspire, encourage and enable spiritual entrepreneurs to promote their businesses online in a meaningful way.
I hope you'll stop over and see some examples of Ces's Branding Designs and perhaps your going to find a good fit working with Ces.

Secondly, I'd like to introduce Emma Buford, creator and owner of Business Rocks Academy.
Emma has a few offers and surely one may be suited just for you!
Are you ready to build your dream business.
Emma is offering you an opportunity to join Invanto

With Invanto 
 you can build a membership site, create online courses, start a discount store and let your creativity flow in lots of ways. 
Be sure to stop over and explore. Invanto is chock full of lots of apps you can go learn more about.

Emma is also offering a Cartfog Challenge that starts soon. This is s a great way to check out Invanto, possibly learn to create more courses, and successful membership sites.Join Emma's  Invanto Club for a FREE Taster and sign up for our new $7 CartFog Sales Funnel Challenge
Go ahead and give it a look and see what you think .

#EmmaBuford #Invanto #CartfogSalesFunnel #BrandingDesign #CesRosannaPrice 

Good evening. It's nice cool early evening here. How about where you are?
Oh don't forget if your in U.S. to turn your clock back for daylight savings time. 

On weekends as much as possible I'd like to start focusing on some very extraordinary entrepreneurs.
We all have busy schedules during the week and may not have time to stop and meet some new folks that we might like to connect with. 

I'll also be posting on Nichaholic and Graphics side of things here on site and on the Facebook group as well (another passion or two of mine).

I know, I know we probably try to connect with potential customers during the week if in business, or we go to work 8-5, connect with family and friends on the weekend, clean our house, sleep in and we just get plum crazy busy and wore out. So take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee or tea, settle in and do spend some time exploring others in the world around you this weekend. 

This evening I want to highlight a dear friend, mama, wife and business owner of several businesses.
Lauren Neumann and her husband, Matt work hard together. They actually will go more than the extra mile to have a home and the best for their kids. I love their commitment and believe they deserve so much support and honor!

They create some pretty cool crayons for kiddos and you you can see their creations and learn more at
Lauren and Matt have started vending machines to place in strategic places for the kids. Much better than a machine you plug with money and take a chance you won't get a toy!

 Lauren offers Younique products (Ren's Reflections)to her customers and to me she's an artist with a talent with showing you how to accent and make your beauty shine! Lauren doesn't just sell you something! She'll help you determine the right product, colors and how to apply what you purchase. She's got a commitment to customer service that is amazing.
Lauren always has some specials going on that are worth not missing out and getting your hands on as well. Stop over and visit Ren's Reflections!

Lauren and Matt also have started a new venture, Your Spirit Service They have Tarot Tuesday and maybe you'd like to jump into this among other awesomeness.
Any tips/support on their page would be greatly appreciated!!

Lauren is going to be undertaking growing Lavender and Sage to sell this summer as well.
I love lavender and Sage and I'm looking forward to this.

I hope you've enjoyed learning about this very awesome couple and entrepreuners. Please do support them and share!

#EntrepreneurHighlight #crayons #Younique #TarotCardReadings #Lavender #Sage #DaylightSavings

Good morning you amazing people! What amazing thing(s) will you be doing today? Go ahead and share Go ahead and share here and elsewhere. You might encourage someone or help them by what your doing in your business or life 😃 I have a few technical things to work on and an appt in a bit. Whatever I do and no matter what today brings I'm going to put my all into everything!

#Tuesday #morning #amazingPeople #AmazingWorkYouDo

 How's your Friday going so far? I'm moving a bit slow still but definitely want to encourage you to be the 'Most Encouraging Person You Know'. If you don't feel like your where you want to be as an encourager or just need more yourself, do you have someone that encourages you in a major way! It kind of works in an amazing way when we least feel like encouraging others and do so how that can be a major turn around for us. Give it a try and be brave and share about it here. 

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Good evening. I believe the weekend is the best time to relax and regroup so I thought this podcast from Dan Miller at 48 Days would be a great addition for food for thought this weekend. Dan Miller's testimony inspired me years ago and was one who inspired me to follow my dreams. He grew up a mennonite and his family expected him to carry on with the farm. He listened to tapes with Dale Carnagie and others and hid them under his mattress. He had a desire to follow his dreams and went on to inspire others to do so. I used to be an affiliate of his. Not sure he still has that program but if does who knows might plug in again 😊 I said all that to encourage you to catch his post cast and grab hold of your dreams fully if not doing so already. If you are then find others to connect with!


Good afternoon. How's your first Saturday in February going? Are you finding some time to kick back and chill out? 

Good afternoon. How's your Saturday going? I hope you've found some time to have fun even if you don't have snow like we do in Iowa 😊 

Howdy. What's on your agenda today? I've been thinking outside the box a lot lately and stepping out of my comfort zone. I am committed to 2020 not being a repeat of 2019 and learning all the lessons to be gleaned from last year's fails. One of the biggest things I can tell you is do not believe or accept you have nothing to offer others of value. 
I used to share a Nichaholic hero that looked more like super woman. Maybe I should share her sometime lol
We are all destined to be someone's hero and offer awesomeness to help others get done what is needed, a product we sell that they need or a word of encouragement to get them through their day. Maybe all three. It's amazing when we give to others all we got how we're positively impacted! I encourage you to think outside the box today and go ahead and share it here!
#ThinkOutsidetheBox #EmbraceYourAwesomeness 

What are you up to for your Saturday? We're on the other side of a winter storm. Now it's just blowing snow and cold. I'm enjoying the beauty of the snowy landscape, ready for a cup of hot cocoa and keeping warm by the fire. If your in a warmer climate what are you up to today?

 Good Morning
 I hope you have the best Thursday and I hope if your not already you make a commitment to Life your Life in Full Bloom!

I've created Nichaholic and Graphics along with the facebook group to share with those interested in graphics to use for whatever purpose, give encouragement for life and for your dreams. I will also share from time to time social media helps, events and items of interest as you traverse the social media world with it's constant changes. I am hopeful there is something useful and helpful for everyone!
If you desire to save an image, please click the image, when it opens right click the image and save to your computer.
From time to time I offer images without watermark that your free to use. I also have been working on images available for purchase. I'll share them here as well as on the main page of the site from time to time. 

 Below is an image you may find beneficial.
How many times and how many of you have needed to step out and were scared to death? But you pushed forward anyhow!

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