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No One Like's My Posts, Buys My Product or Seems to Give a Damn Part 2

But You Give a Damn!

Good afternoon.
How's your week so far? 

It was quite a week for me last week. I continued and still do have computer issues that I can't seem to totally remedy. I get a few images or post done then it becomes like pulling a tooth that won't come out.

What's an entrepreneur to do!
I keep going, working between desktop, laptop and phone and I'm overcoming.

Have you had obstacles to overcome this week?

My last post I shared about just simply getting out a notebook, writing down what your business is, what it is about and what are you passionate about.
Did you do it?? Even seasoned entrepereneurs take time to re-evalute. I believe it's what makes them good at what they do.
I put an example above. Yours may look completely different and probably should since it's your business!
If you didn't do so last week, I encourage you to do it now!
If you'd like to look at last week's post, go ahead and read here  and come back to continue on.

Did you get a chance to read about Brand Ideals? If not here's the link again. Brand Ideals

Why am I going over these again. BECAUSE, Your Foundations of your Business and YOUR WHY is important to go forward!

Last week I also shared about being careful hopping on every 'shiny object' that comes along and professes to make you successful or get rich quick.

Another thing I get sidetracked with way more times than I'd like to admit is this: I'll be working along and up pops something in my email, on my phone or in the newsfeed and I go off to explore. LOL

Believe me I need a reprieve, need to keep up with what's happening and my pages/groups but not when I'm in the middle of a project.

Today, I want to focus more on 
Sticky Notes #5 and #6. 

#5-Write down and explore a minimum of 5 things about the people you want to serve. In other words they are your Ideal Client.

Who are those people you want to help, their age, female, male, their interests, maybe their hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. The list is really endless and you can be creative.
If you have some characteristics of the people you already know that you want to serve, do share in the comments.
#6-Start a Newsletter. 
Some of you are already doing this and some not. It's scares the sh*t out of you, seems too hard and why bother!
 Having a newsletter can 
1. Help you build trust with your potential customers, new customers and one's who are already customers.

2. Help you communicate what's going on with your customers

3. It's an avenue to to share your products and/or sales

In a world of millions of online services, companies, social media ads, we have to do our best to be on our game and be there for our customers.
Your newsletter will be another way to be uniquely you in your business!

There are lots of good email providers out there. Some you can start for free and upgrade.
If your already doing a newsletter, keep up the great work and be consistent.
For a beginner perhaps Aweber could be a good choice. Nothing worse than swimming in a sea of figuring out something new and trying to run your business too. 

Aweber does have a free trial and I'm more than willing to walk anyone through that needs help. Aweber is also great about answers if you submit a ticket for help and offers lots of good training.

If you'd like to check out Aweber you can do so by clicking below:

For those of you already doing newsletter and have some helpful tips, please share in the comments below.
Honestly, I've dropped the ball with my newsletters and am taking the ball back so to speak to get on top my game and practice what I preach!
So this is as much for me as it is for you!
How's that for not being perfect, rather in progress. 

I hope I have helped and  encouraged you today. I look forward to sharing more soon and expounding more on #5 & #6 plus the last three sticky notes.

Whatever you do today, stay true to you and why your doing what you do!


Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments below and Be sure to stop over and connect on the group on facebook as well- Nichaholic and Graphics


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