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'Taking Care of You in Stay at Home Mode' 

It's really been on my mind that since most of us are at home we need to go beyond just surviving and take good care of ourselves. For starters I'm focusing on starting from the inside out. I wrote a post if you'd like to read more at the link below.

And you can watch the video below.

 After you watch this short video and if your ready to get started here's a link as well: 
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Good evening. I hope you've had a fantastic day.
This evening I wanted to share David Urch explaining Forever Living Products for our animals. I respect this man and he does a fine job of sharing how the products can help our animals just like they can benefit us.
Just as I use the aloe products, drinks, tooth gel and more for myself I find they work very well for my dogs and cats. Even when I had turtles some of the products benefited them well. I hope you will find what David is sharing and his guest very helpful. I've shared the video below for you to watch and I've placed a link below if you'd like to find out more about Forever Living products. for your animals. I'd like to hear what you think as well in the comments. Thanks for watching!

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Good evening. How's Wednesday been?
My day has been a little less productive than I'd like but I'm thankful for what I was able to accomplish.
I've had some
πŸ’‘light bulb πŸ’‘moments lately where I realize things I've neglected in my well being.
I've shared a few times how I've not felt well and now am on the mend a lot more now.
One things that is huge in relaxing and overcoming my lung issues and anxieties (for me at least) is putting essential oils in my diffuser and using the Forever Essential Oil blends to soothe away any stress or anxiety along with focusing these days on smiling more and being grateful for all the small things that make life so good!
I had neglected for awhile doing the essential oils and just relaxing stress away. And am I ever so glad to be turning this around. 
How do you handle the cares of the day, illness and stress?
Do you think some essential oil blends and essential oils in a diffuser going into your office or living area might help! And perhaps adding a blend in the diffuser or on your wrist and neck!

If you'd like to learn more and perhaps try some Forever Living Essential Oils with a 60 day Money Back Guarantee watch the video and follow the link below and do let me know how this is helping. I believe it will be as huge for me as for you. 

          Forever Living Essential Oils               


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 Hey everyone what are you up to today? Any plans for this extra day we're getting in February? I don't have any plans yet but who knows what I might come up with  😁 

Good afternoon. How's Friday going so far? 

I'd mentioned on the facebook group earlier today about light bulb moments and areas I've neglected. Foremost in my mind is neglecting my skincare regime since I've been sick and gee does my skin feel ick right now!
If you've been neglecting your skincare or what your using isn't any more effective than washing your face with detergent, join me in watching about the skin care regime for my face that has made a major difference in once again revitalizing this tired face.
If you'd like to give it a try with a 60 day money back guarantee there is a link below as well.


This recipe from Sylvie is right up my alley. It's a salad to break up the winter blues when it comes to food but I've been craving salad beyond the normal stuff. This will definitely do it. I'm even going to check into growing Radicchio and planting a few pear trees. Am I inspired...Yes 😁 

Roasted Pear and Radicchio Salad

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 Good afternoon. How's Saturday going for you? Have you got to do something fun and enjoyable today?

Good Morning. How's everyone's Saturday going? We're experiencing quite the Iowa winter here. The storm is over for now just blowing and cold. Some of you live in warmer climates. I'm a little envious. I love the snow but the cold and 
icy roads aren't my thing 

Happy Thursday everyone!
 How's your Thursday going so far?
It's a cold one here. I think it's made it to 2 degrees above zero. It's brrrrr

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I want to share a best seller that is perfect for any time of year. Whether you live where it's cold right now or blazing hot, Forever Aloe Lips is perfect to soothe sore lips or just keep them in great condition.
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Relax and Enjoy the Day

  Good afternoon I hope if you celebrate the 4th of July in the US, I hope it was a fun day and you kept cool in the hot temps. I...