My Passions

I've had some special interests dear to my heart over the years.
Rather than have them shared on a separate blog or site I've decided to include them here.
Below is a description and a link to the page where I'll be sharing more.
I've also shared links on the right hand side of the page to the facebook pages I post on occasion as well as Home at Hearth's facebook page. I haven't added all just yet but in time.

Nichaholic and Graphics 

I created Nichaholic and Graphics to share with those interested in graphics to use for whatever purpose, give encouragement for life and for your dreams. I will also share from time to time social media helps, events and items of interest as you traverse the social media world with it's constant changes. I am hopeful there is something useful and helpful for everyone!
Here's a link to the page if you'd like to stop by and get connected--Nichaholic & Graphics


My mission and passion is to bring encouragement, finding answers, be supportive, help bring awareness, hope, dignity and life for those with ALS & their family & friends & caregivers.
I've had a heart to be there for others dealing with ALS since losing my dad several years ago to ALS.
My sister and I started the page here= to be there for those having  ALS, family members and caregivers. My sister lost access to facebook and hasn't been able to get it restored for sometime so I've been on my own. Perhaps she'll be able to share here now with the new site and page dedicated to ALS.
If you don't know what ALS is you can go here to learn about this destructive and horrific disease that steals lives and debilitates many in the process.
About ALS

There are no known cures for ALS although some medications and treatments can make a huge difference. I find that more and more I've had to monitor and ban many from the the facebook page trying to promote spam saying a certain dr has a herbal treatment that cures ALS. It's frustrating with such a serious matter that others prefer to play games but it's the world we live in I know.
Here's  a link to the new page I've created. It's a bit sparse right now since it's new but look forward to sharing more soon.
I hope you'll stop by and be supportive if so inclined and join us on facebook if you'd like as well.

Join me at ALS Lou Gehrig Disease

I created Cat's Meow (Now with a new name change, For The Love of Our Animals because I am passionate about my family, sharing my fur babies and others fur babies, rescue of animals, products for the health and well-being of animals.
You can also find Cat's Meow's group on facebook and on Twitter:

Be sure to visit the new page here on site for The Love of Our Animals. I look forward to sharing more there soon. 

Even If It's a Rainy Day

Happy Saturday I found myself wishing the sun would come out and dry things up a bit. But then I got to thinking about somethin...