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Do you ever feel like your inundated with information about how bad things are in the world! 
And all that bad stuff can make us so mad at times. A least it has me at times.

One of my favorite authors, Paul Wheaton at Permies.com has helped me have a change of heart and mind with his book, Building a Better World in Your Backyard Instead of Being Angry at the Bad Guys. Paul Wheaton and Shawn Klassen-Koop have done a phenomenal job  helping me and I don't nearly get so frustrated these days. 
I've discovered for every problem in the world around me there is a solution I can put into practice in my own backyard. I can do these things and have a pretty darn comfortable existence. Paul calls it living a more luxuriant life.
 Think about it... most of us probably get so darn mad at stuff because we truly care and want things to be better. The only problem is too many people stay stuck in being angry with very little change or impact happening!
I believe if you and I do just a small amount of things mentioned in  Building a Better World in Your Backyard Instead of Being Angry at the Bad Guys our impact will be huge right where we live.About the Authors
"Paul Wheaton is a giant doofus who is bonkers about permaculture. He won’t shut up about permaculture. On and on, every day . . . it’s annoying. He has gone so far as to make a 3-DVD set that is just about the earthworks for permaculture gardening. And not only did he make a 4-DVD set about rocket mass heaters, but he made ANOTHER 4-DVD set about rocket mass heaters. Why on earth do people need 8 DVDs about something so simple? If you think that is ridiculous, take a look at his 177 hours of video of a full Permaculture Design Course, and Appropriate Technology course. Then there’s the cards. Okay, the permaculture playing cards are pretty cool...

Shawn Klassen-Koop’s passion for building a better world grew from many years of working at a summer camp. This time inspired awe and wonder for the natural world through many hours camping in the woods, paddling on a lake, or sleeping under the stars. Seeking to solve world problems with clever thinking, Shawn decided to pursue computer engineering as a career, where he learned the importance of good design and strong critical thinking. In time he felt like modern technology was causing more problems than it was solving and started looking for a better way. "

Thanks for reading and I hope you will get your copy as well as consider getting a few extras to share!

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I've spent some time learning from a friend, whose gathered so much information in the Lost Ways that my ancestors lived by and is helping me immensely in preparing for anything that comes my way. I am learning so much and am so thankful for the resources Claude has provided me that I purchased the downloads and the book. I hope as you go through and watch the videos by clicking the links your going to find so much helpful information!

I've learned how to make a fire that burns all night,

People really should avert their gaze from the modern survival thinking for just a bit and also look at how folks 150 years ago did it. These guys were the last generation to practice basic things-for a living-that we call survival skills now.
Click on the link bellow to find out how the early pioneers - who had a long hard journey ahead - built the Self-Feeding Fire in order to take a much needed refreshing nap (no need to add logs).

How to Start a Self-Feeding Fire That Lasts All Night Long

I've learned how to make a painkiller from a wild lettuce that grows in my backyard and around my driveway. More than likely it does around your property too.
 Similar to Morphine: The Best Natural Painkiller that Grows in Your Backyard
Wild Lettuce is also Known as Opium Lettuce. For a good reason.
While it doesn't contain any opiates, it has similar side effects when used - it acts directly on the central nervous system (CNS) to lessen the feeling of pain, just like morphine.
Wild Lettuce below to learn more.

Wild Lettuce

I've been learning how to make Pemmican that lasts for years for food.
It was created by the natives of North America.
Pemmican was used by Indian scouts as well as early western explorers.
These people spent a lot of time on the go and depended on nutritious and filling foods that would last for long periods of time with no refrigeration.

Click Below to learn how to make Pemmican

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Even If It's a Rainy Day

Happy Saturday I found myself wishing the sun would come out and dry things up a bit. But then I got to thinking about somethin...