Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Hay Garden Fail Turn Around

I thought I'd share the video of the garden spread out in the yard. Hay gardening didn't go so well due to moles and the digger dog lol
Next year I'll probably do raised bed gardening.

I layered along the fences with cardboard, hardware cloth, then hay and dirt. Everything is doing well and I'm thankful for the come back after a near fail. I rely on the food to eat for myself and plan to share with my children and grandchildren as well. 
Next year I'll be doing  a lot more raised beds and eliminate the fails and do overs. 
If your not a part of the Thriving Not Surviving Group, I invite you to stop over and be a part. Perhaps you have some helpful information you would like to share! The links below and hope to see you there!

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