Thursday, June 18, 2020

😎 Happy Thursday 😎

😎Happy Thursday everyone!
What are your plans for today?
Me, I'm staying in and cooler than the outdoors lol
I watered the garden early while still cool but do still have the doggie pool to empty, clean and refill in awhile. At least it's a cooler job with the water 😊

I wanted to mention that the pages for Nichaholic and Graphics, Cat's Meow, Inspired by Forever as well as Thrive Not Survive won't have a link to a separate page anymore. I'll just be posting here on the main part of the site and will be sure to add a hashtag or label so you can find something specific that relates to them.

In case you have a link from earlier when I've shared on facebook or twitter, I'll leave the pages on here just not a link on the main page. I hope this isn't confusing.

I've got myself spread really thin and don't believe I do the best for you. So, just sharing here, on social media, Youtube, and Pinterest makes more sense to me and will benefit you better as well. 

I may be combing the facebook groups as well but haven't decided on this yet. 

The Newsletters for Nichaholic, Thrive Not Survive, Forever Inspired and Cat's Meow will also go out with Home at Hearth Updates as well so be sure to sign up below and stay in the loop.
Now let's get onto an amazing day and see ya soon.

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