Friday, April 17, 2020

Taking Care of You in Stay at Home Mode

All of us are in 'Stay at Home Mode'.

 Let's face it a lot of you are probably in survival mode more times than you like to admit! No judgement here, I know your all doing your best as i am.

Oh by the way I didn't make the following video just for women. You men need to take care of 'you' too! It's not the slightest bit wimpy to make sure your the best whether a 🕺man or a 👩woman! 

Let's face it if we don't take care of ourselves who will!
Have a watch and let's get on this!
Below the video I'll expound a bit more so don't miss the 'more'!
P.S. Be sure to watch the video on Youtube, like the video and subscribe. Part 2 will be coming soon! 
Here's a recap of what I've shared in the video.

Taking care of ourselves especially in 'Stay at Home Mode' due to this virus is good practice for when this virus has finally left us alone!

1. We need to start taking care of ourselves from the inside out.
2. The best way and what I do is drink 2-3 glasses daily of Forever Aloe drinks-plain, Peaches, or Berry.

I personally don't think I have to be tough and gulp down the plain stuff. It's not my fav! But if you don't care then so be it.

3. Forever Aloe drinks are:

-90.7 % pure inner aloe leaf gel

-Rich in Vitamin C

-An Ideal digestive aid

-Aloe is great for your Skin
 -Supports the Immune System

We're all doing a lot of right things.

We're staying in, washing our hands, santizing ourselves and everything else.

As a family we eat together, try to stay entertained, some of us work from home, we take care of the kids, some of us homeschool, and much more.

But are you taking care of you!
I encourage you to do your best for you and one thing I forgot to mention--be sure to get enough sleep. I work late a lot of times and my dogs like to wake me up early. So if they do so, I usually get a nap in to take care of myself.

I have much to share on care of you but let's focus right now on doing so from the inside out.
Your innards will thank you and will reflect outward and in all you do.

Here's your link for Forever Aloe Drinks:
 Stay tuned for the next video and share I have coming up.


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