Monday, April 6, 2020

Sadness and Grief

Good Morning
Monday brings sadness to our family's households. 
I'm sorry I don't have such positive news today.
No, it' not the virus!
A family member who has struggled for many years with drug addiction to the point of being on oxygen.
Even so he continues to self-medicate.
After several attempts to reach him by phone, my daughter found him yesterday with his oxygen unplugged and he'd turned off pic line therefore missing several pic lines for his medicine to treat an infection.
She got him up and called an ambulance.
Before he was taken to the hospital he handed her pills. Upon investigating we discovered the pills have lots of negative effects. 
At the hospital they discovered his kidneys were shutting down among other things.
He's now on life support. 
And the dr won't let us in to see him.
We'd all sure appreciate prayers for him.
It looks like by taking the pills and unplugging his oxygen he was attempting to take his life. But we don't know.
I value your prayers as we go forth and strength to go through the grief if we lose him.

#Sadness #Grief #LoveOne

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