Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Running Late on April Fool's Day

Well, well, it's April 1st and April Fool's Day!
And I'm running later than I had planned today.  

 I'm not fooling either lol
I promise I won't be a trickster here today or at least not right now lol

Have you played any April Fool's Day tricks on anyone? If you have I'd love to have you share them in the comments below 不

I've been doing my best to share on a regular basis in spite of the Covid 19 changes and all it's brought.
Yet, I still find myself running behind a lot. Mostly due to spending more time being thoughtful and sharing with those on facebook to encourage them to keep on keeping on in this time of uncertainty and unknown. 

I'm also working behind the scenes to make some changes here on site as well as on the facebook page and groups. I'm using this time to be creative as well as encouraging.

Today I have an online Birthday Party with  grandson, Jalen this afternoon, finish posting on my groups and pages, then...
I'm going to finish the free recipe book pdf, 'Meals for Everyday and to be Prepared'. I've been sharing a few recipes that will be in it but have not finished the rest of the ebook. It's weighing on me because it's not finished. So today I want to get it down for everyone in order to make it available for download.
So be patient with me as I get this completed and if I seem a bit silent for just a little bit.

I hope you have the best day and have a little fun with April Fool's Day if you decide to.


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