Saturday, April 11, 2020

My 30 Day Transformation

I signed up for the 30 Day Blog Challenge ingeniously created by Sarah and Kevin Arrow.

When I signed up for the challenge I was ready to make changes and be here sharing consistently with all the stuff just screaming to get out of me and to you all.

I learned more than I'd imagined I would, yet I've embraced learning each step of the way.

I'm listening and learning what you'd like to hear about

 I can't deny I was challenged to do things I have never done before!Yet I'm excited because I'm learning how to make Home at Hearth the best for all of you!

I started the 30 Day Blogging Challenge when Covid-19 had made it entrance.

But I've had my times of discouragement like everyone else. When you were quiet I started to question myself. Am I really making a difference encourage others!

I was greatly encouraged by all those I consider collaborators doing the 30 Day Blogging Challenge
along with Sarah and Kevin Arrow, the dynamic creators of this challenge!

It's hard to pick just one person who encouraged me because everyone sharing gave me strength and different kinds of tools I could employ to take courage as well as sharing great content with all of you. 

There are two people that really helped me on this journey.
The first being, Dale Darley, Who writes a Series,
Dale has inspired me to journal each day and to turn my lockdown journal into a book. I'm not sure if I'll do a book to publish but I get so excited to discover so much I can share with all my readers regardless.
And as I journal I find strength and release that would otherwise not happen.

The second person out of so many that gave me hope in the midst of adversary is Vaishakhi Bharucha
I started out reading when,Vaishakhi was sharing 'Lego Serious Play'. Then the virus hit and took over in the way of a lockdown in India and Vaishakhi almost gave up sharing. But she didn't. She went on to share various perspectives from different countries, shared hope, and even began 'Beads of Hope', a group where people seek to stay positive and encouraging.

Vaishakhi has continued to share hope and so much more. I'd definitely stop over and soak up what she's sharing at

The 30 Day Blogging Challenge has been amazing for me. I strongly suggest you consider joining the Challenge, be transformed and transform your business.
Sarah and Kevin Arrow who have created this unique challenge, offer so many tools, a content road map, ideas and more. And I am bold enough to assert as you connect with others doing the challenge, you will be spurred on like never before to grow!
In a world of so much hype you have nothing to lose if you'll commit to do your best!


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