Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Gratitude in Midst of Grief

Good morning and the best Tuesday to you!
Yesterday was a long day and it felt like I went in circles a lot dealing with sadness and trying to find my way through things.
My daughter said goodbye to her dad last night as well as my grandchildren said goodbye to their grandpa and his sister said goodbye to her beloved brother.

The sadness and heartbreak is still with me yet I must look at what I can be grateful for in my life!

I told my grand daughter last night I am grateful we have each other and we can stand together to get through this. 

In some cases divorce doesn't always mean we stop caring, are disconnected or without feeling when bad things happen to the person we were married to. 
I'm so thankful he's at peace now and no more suffering!
Many are going through all kinds of grief and anger being on lock down or limited in what they can do because of Covid-19.  
Some have even lost loved ones due to the virus and are going through a lot of pain and even anger right now.

I'm doing all I can to find the new normal and am stretched to grow like never before. The death of someone in our family adds a new twist but I can do anything with God on my side!

I'm cooking healthy meals, taking good care of my animals, planting seeds to put out when the darn weather stops being so weird, doing laundry, keeping the house clean without being obsessive, taking naps, sleeping decent hours and now going to get back to writing here, and sharing my preparedness skills more consistently. 

 So seriously, tell me how your doing with your 'new normal' in the comments below. I look forward to hearing how your coping and what your doing.
Thanks for reading.

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