Thursday, April 16, 2020

E-book That Isn't Laughed at Now

This image above is from an e-book that I created  June of last year. 

I did a Weekly Share of some of what was in the e-book before it was ready.

I assure you this was my first e-book, it wasn't polished or perfect but I decided to go forth and get better in time. The e-book is now going through revision and hope will be done sometime soon. Still won't be perfect or polish but better.

In doing the Weekly Share
I discovered several things, some shocking and some discouraging.
And I'm also grateful for those who definitely knew what I was talking about!

1. Some had no idea what I was talking about  

2. Some laughed because they were prepared enough for any disaster or emergency. After all they could go to the store and plop whatever they bought in the microwave and chow down.

3.People's responses showed me they lived in a microwave mentality. By microwave mentality I mean a complacency about the grocery store shelves would always be well stocked, the power would always be on, etc. and they could go on about life with no worries because nothing was going to change.  

I'm really not making fun of anyone or judging anyone. Many people really just don't have any idea 
1. to be grateful for what we have and 

2. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see in the news that bad things happen in the world around us. Things such as tornados, hurricanes, bomb threats, flooding and the like.  

3. To plan ahead a little ahead should these things or similar befall us.

 Now.... the image at the top of this post looks like a lot of our grocery store shelves today. It's not funny, no one is laughing and people are stressing and/or hoarding whatever they can.

When I created the e-book, I knew disasters and emergencies can happen because I've lived through them and stood in line to get things like a simple bottle of water. So I shared from my experience and passion to educate others and perhaps a wake up call

My passion hasn't wavered, rather it's grown to educate others to go forth and be prepared even if in the midst of a virus as we're in now.

I have decided to go ahead and share the video below that I originally created to introduce 'Gone Before You Get There' but I removed the audio since needs updated as I update the e-book.
Also since I'm updating the e-book to include the times we live in now, I'm offering it for free.


The last screen of the video says the e-book is $19.99.  Ignore that! Since I'm updating the e-book it's yours for free!
Granted it does not include the current situation we are dealing with in regard to the virus directly but at the same time I believe you can put to use some of the information and resources.  
To my knowledge all the links to resources are current and should work with no problem. 

Below is your link to download. Again don't worry you will not be charged. But this will get you plugged into where I host the pdf of the e-book.
Go ahead and Click the 'Add to Cart' button below to get your pdf!


Thanks so much for reading and thanks in advance if you decide to get the pdf of the E-book!
Please feel free to share with those you know who may find this helpful as well.

Please feel free to comment below and I'd definitely appreciate hearing if 'Gone Before You Get There' is helpful! 


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