Thursday, April 23, 2020

A Good Afternoon to Relax

Good afternoon. 
I hope your Thursday is going very well. 

I haven't posted for several days due to internet dropping out a lot. Thankful it seems to be resolved now. Yeah

The dogs and I have been outside some before it got too hot. I have most of my hay for the hay garden moved to a different location.
Doesn't she look innocent lol
Since I have a dog who thinks she's a garden tiller lol
and was digging up the area I originally chose, it was time to plan something different. 

I'm getting ready to get some relaxing time in before I play with the kitty and put my starter plants in bigger pots.
I lost a few plants putting them out too early so now I'm waiting until any threat of cold weather is gone.

Thanks for following along with today's rambles.
Have a wonderful afternoon.

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