Friday, March 20, 2020

When There Are Delays Regroup and Keep Going

Good evening everyone!
I hope you've had the best Friday!
My days have been full and seem to be burning the midnight oil just a bit more than I'd like. But I'll do whatever is needed to stay in touch, share and encourage you!
But I do make sure I take some me time and get a nap in everyday lately. That is when the Marie my lovable rescue doesn't hog the couch lol


It didn't snow last night although temps were cold today. I was able to go out and add the fertilizer I made to the hay bales for the Hay Bale Garden.

I also attempted to change a 💡 light for the backyard that seemed to burn out to no avail. It burned out the one I put in so I have some deeper digging to do.  

Do you remember Grace who is now Grayson or Gracion! When I took her in I thought she was a 'she' but discovered she's a 'he' LOL
He's about 10 months old now. He jumped off something and fractured his back leg which is now healed. But he's so full of energy when I let him out of my bedroom to hang out he races around, pesters the other cats and the dogs.
Well earlier this evening Mr wild man was racing through the house and pestering Benny, one of my other cats and somehow caught his front leg between the arm and cushion of a chair in the computer room. 

All the cats and dogs were upset and running around at his crying.
I dislodged him as he hissed at me and took him to my bedroom. 
 I'm thankful as I have continued to check on him, he's doing fine and purring as I pet him. Yeah!

Now that I've told you my day's life story and I'm late sharing the Weekly Round Up and Business Highlights...I'm going to get right to it.
Thanks for bearing with me as this is a longer post than usual. I'm grateful for all things in my day even the unpleasant things and delays and very grateful for all of you readers who are so faithful!

Tonight I'm going to go backwards and share for the Weekly Round Up.

On Monday Evening I shared about my concern in regard to how quiet people were being on facebook and online in general. Yet realizing people may be drawing in a bit to make sense of everything going on with Covid-19.

I also shared how to make your butter soft in a healthy way. No more tearing the bread unless you don't mind of course LOL

You can read more at the link below:

 On Tuesday (St Patrick's day)
I shared about making your own DIY Fertilizer and the same as I used on my hay bales today. In addition, I shared a few products I offer to help making that DIY fertilizer.

I also shared a retro camper to melt your warmer melts in and make your house smell absolutely delightful with the warmer melts I offer.
You can read more at the link below:

 Later on Tuesday I shared, "My Happy and Why!!
I shared a review I did for Group Convert, created by the lovely Kim Dang. It is a new program using a Chrome Extension. I haven't used extensions much so this is educational as well.  I'm transforming my groups in ways I didn't know were possible. It's a totally new beginning for me!
Please come read more at the link below:

On Thursday I shared, 
🌧 What's Rain Got to Do With It 🌧

It was a rainy day and animals and I were laid back.
This was a short post.
I encouraged everyone to stay connected and not isolate.
You can read more at the link below:

Thursday evening I shared, "Walking Day by Day Without Desperation"

I used the analogy of my dog, Rusty going out in the rain and he was drenched. Sometimes I feel drenched by the effects of Covid-19 but I'm  not throwing in the towel. Rather in gratitude I'm using this time as a gift.

Please read more at the link below:

This brings us to Friday and I've shared how my day has went but also have one more share I did on the Nichaholic and Graphic's page here on site.

Keri at Idea Girl Media is thinking of doing a live to help those working at home due to the virus and/or working online for your business. As Keri mentioned to me, "We have the gift of time" & I couldn't agree more. I am open to staying focused and going forth. Watch the live she did today on the link below on my page and watch her live! And decide if this might just be the encouragement you need!

Because of the lateness of the hour and some blogs I have a commitment to read, I'll start sharing the Business Highlights tomorrow and on Sunday.
Have a restful night and see you tomorrow!

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