Thursday, March 19, 2020

Walking Day by Day Without Desperation

Hello everyone. How's things been going? I just let my dog, Rusty out and he came in drenched from constant rain. I toweled him off and he's good to go. Does he care he was!! I've grappled with feeling drenched with all Covid-19 has and is involving. Have I thrown in the towel and said the hell with business, my passion and helping others! Nope!

 I have all the more opportunity to develop myself, share with you and others as well as develop my business endeavors.
And you know what, I am taking more time to get to know you and others, make new friends, encourage others if they want it and more. Business isn't about just selling someone something. It's about building relationships and trust. I wish folks would grab a hold of this more. 

If I'm going to live, do business and act or react in desperation to Covid-19 and in business I'm doomed in my opinion. I'll admit I process things everyday and have concerns and fears like everyone else. I'd be a liar if I said I don't!
I'd love to hear your thoughts. Everyone deals with things differently and many of us process what's happening with Covid-19 every day and may do so differently.
Perfection isn't the name of the game but going forward together is!


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Happy 4th of July

I want to wish all of you a most pleasant Saturday and 4th of July -Cindy- 4thofJuly #saturday