Thursday, March 26, 2020

Tranquil Thursday

A Good Thursday Afternoon to all of You!

I haven't shared for a few days and took a bit of time to step back, do some things around the home front, make some meals to freeze, Planted some more potatoes (Yukon Gold to be exact), eat a few ice cream bars and enjoy some solitude.

How have things been for you and what have you been doing?
Are you in quarantine where you live?
We aren't here just lots of businesses, restaurants and stores closed but many are not closed as well!
Quite a few places have set hours for elderly and those more susceptible to the virus.
More are doing delivery or drive-up to help things as well.

Stores are limiting what can be purchased now and some shelves remain barren.

I'm determined to stay at peace although like everyone, I have my moments I get frustrated and discouraged.

If your comfortable to share go ahead and share how things are for you in comments below.


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