Monday, March 9, 2020

Take Back Your Imagination/Creativity

Happy Monday everybody. 
I hope Monday is off to a great start for you.
This image and saying, "Worrying is Just a Misuse of Your Imagination" is so Me too many times.
I do better more times than not these days to take my imagination/creativity back and put worry under my feet. Does this resound with anyone else? Since I'm single and now I've started working on my business and no longer working a job too, worry that to me = fear can sneak right up on me. I make a conscious decision everyday and several times a day if need be to stop it! I keep my focus on my determination, creativity, tenacity to overcome and every resource at my disposable to overcome. 

If you relate to this, what do you do to keep on track? 
Go ahead and share in the comments. It may just help someone else make it through this day a lot easier. 
 I took this from my post at Nichaholic and Graphics. Please connect with me there if you'd like.
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