Friday, March 6, 2020

Preparing for Hay Gardening

Good afternoon. How's your Friday going?
I started some of my seeds to get them going while I look for the price on the best price for hay to get my gardening going this way for this year. My link for growing with hay has disappeared for some reason. It's ok I have it down in my brain.
So here's my run down on using hay and why I don't use straw in a nutshell.  

I've seen countless posts on why to use straw and not hay on the internet. I disagree a lot with most of them.
Straw is the stalks or stems of things like wheat, barley or oats after the grain has been harvested from them.
Hay is grass or legumes, cut and dried and used normally to feed animals.
I use hay because it's so rich in minerals where as straw is not.
And by the end of the season I'll have mulch. By next growing season the hay mulch will be full of worms and lots of beneficial organisms for the soil to help my plants grow. 
I'll probably do 10 bales of hay this year, fertilize with organic and water very well for the first 10 days before I add any of the plants.
Then I'll add the starters and/or seeds to the bales, watering weekly or more often as needed.
I have to say I'm so excited for this new venture and look forward to sharing more as I go forth.
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