Tuesday, March 17, 2020

My Happy and Why!!

Hi everyone and good evening. 
How has your Tuesday and St Patrick's Day been? 
Mine has been a good one. I put ribs in the crock pot and had a nice dinner, a nice strong cup of java ☕️ along with catching some Criminal Minds on the tube.
This is my happy picture tonight 😃 I did a review for a program new to me but rocking it, Group Convert and loving how it's going to transform my business. 
Here's my review I did on Google Chrome using the Group Convert extension. Here's my actual review on Google Chrome: Cindy Fox 3 hours ago
I am so rocked about this extension and Group Convert. I have been developing a few groups and wanted a way to stay more connected with each person who joins. as well as share offers and articles they may be interested in. I had trouble with spammers on one particular group so this helps me weed out some of this too. I receive such excellent support and far better than any other services I've tried. Group Convert is the beginning of transforming my business to another level. Thank you Kim and all the support team!! "GroupConvert is the beginning of transforming my business to another level." - Cindy Fox 
 And below is what Kim Dang shared. The creator and inspiration I have for this awesome beginning.
Thank you Cindy for your kind words!
What is GroupConvert? It's a chrome extension that lets you grab emails from your fbook group and send it to your email autoresponder.
Why is it useful in THESE times? 🔥It is recession proof. People will still need it to build their online courses and online following. 🔥It is low barrier to entry. You can get started for free. 🔥It helps you communicate to people online right away.
If you are interested in what this transformational chrome extension can do for YOUR business... #TRANSFORM below and I'll send you my 7 Step Guide To Recession Proofing Your Business with Simple Software and How You Can Get Started Right Away 👇 
So if your interested, follow the link below an add #TRANSFORM in the comments. 
 *Cindy- P.S. There support is beyond imaginable and since I'm not so techie I had help to get all 4 of my groups set up in less than an hour. I'd say, "Go For It" 
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Happy 4th of July

I want to wish all of you a most pleasant Saturday and 4th of July -Cindy- 4thofJuly #saturday