Monday, March 23, 2020

Monday's Recipe to Bloom

Good afternoon. It's Monday and I hope your day is the best, full of hope and encouragement.

Today I want to bring you some encouragement and little helps to make your day and week the best.  

I want to encourage you to go beyond just surviving the uncertainty and unknown we are all facing right now. 
A Recipe to Help You Bloom
Be good to you! Make sure you eat and eat good foods, watch the news at times but turn it off and don't be glued to it to the point you don't get anything done and are hopeless feeling(Make sure your taking in trustworthy news. Media tends to captialize on the negative), Get enough sleep (I point a finger at myself because I have been staying up way too late. I'm less productive and don't think as clear as I believe I can normally), Connect with others on your phone and online. Do Not isolate from others. Make some new friends online too! Share your fears and concerns.  
We will get through this together no matter what comes!
Spend time in the morning and evening thinking about what you are grateful for.

What is happening around us can seem daunting but as you do positive and healthy things it becomes Your Recipe for Blooming No Matter What!

What else can you add that you find helpful. Please share in the comments below.

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Happy 4th of July

I want to wish all of you a most pleasant Saturday and 4th of July -Cindy- 4thofJuly #saturday