Friday, March 13, 2020

Let it Be a Beautiful Friday

🌞 Good Morning and a great Friday to all of you! 🌞

 I've had my coffee and breakfast and ready to start my day. I hope to offer encouragement for your day and a recap of what I've shared this week throughout the site.

 Well we've made it through the week. I hope you've went beyond just surviving and just making it through.
If you found yourself just surviving I can totally understand that too. I've been there more times than I'd like to admit. So no judgement okay.

I am at a place of enjoying my days and smiling a lot. It's not always been this way and I still spiral down like everyone else. Geez, I'm human aren't I 😊
 The trouble now is I have trouble having enough hours in my day to enjoy all I love doing and need to sleep at a decent time and be refreshed for the next day.

One thing for certain is I didn't get here overnight and I haven't arrived so to speak. 

I've had people encourage me, give me sound suggestions and help me look on purpose at what I have in my life, to be grateful, smile a lot more and start doing what I love as I seek to put fear and doubt under my feet.
I encourage you today and in coming days to 'look on purpose' at what you love about life (or start looking to find what you love), find things that make you smile-(maybe the sun is shining, the temps are nice outside, a sale came in for your business, etc)

Take time to eat well and healthy (ok you can get some junk food in there too lol)

Get a good night's sleep.

Connect with someone that encourages you, not tears you down or criticizes.
Take time to encourage someone else. It's amazing how that comes back to you!

If any of this resounds with you, do comment below.

Now on to this week's recap below. If you hadn't had a chance to see what I've shared it will be a fantastic time to do so today or even over the weekend. Just don't forget to come back! 

Now keep scrolling and reading so don't miss anything and there is a link to each page!

(Taking back your creativity and consciously making a decision to let go of worry and fear)

  Making Beef Stew on a Chilly Day and thinking about St Patrick's Day

Making a hearty beef stew with dumplings helped me enjoy Tuesday even though a bit cold outside.
It's a great meal for St Patrick's Day too!

Wednesday was a Chilly Breezy Day and a Good one to hang laundry out and it smelled oh so good when I brought it in. I also shared about Forever Living's MPD laundry soap and cleaner I use around the house. And if you order by Wed. March 18, you receive a free spray bottle to put your cleaner in.

Thursday was a short post addressing Corona Virus and I asked you to share your thoughts and what your doing to prepare. Sadly no one shared. Maybe you will!

Later yesterday I shared about how I'm germinating Tomato seeds and how I do it.

Last night I shared  David Urch explaining Forever Living Products for our animals.

This brings us to today.
I may share more later on so do stop back. You just never know what I might be sharing.
Have a wonderful and beautiful day.

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