Tuesday, March 31, 2020

🏑 It's Going to be a Beautiful Day 🏑

Good morning🌞. It's going to be a beautiful day again outside. Are you going to go out and play, soak in some fresh air, prop your feet up on your chair, sip some 🍡 tea or work in the 🏑 garden perhaps!

I definitely will be outside a lot more today. I'm planning to walk theπŸ•dogs as well.
It's just too nice a day to miss out on all this fresh air.

I do have dog treats to make(you can read about my recipe from last night)  and lots of changes I'm working on here on the site, on facebook groups and Home at Hearth's facebook page. I can't wait to share as I get them done. I'll be working on these changes as I go throughout the day and spend time outside.

What will you be doing today? Are you planning to get outside or doing something else totally different than I'm suggesting? Go ahead and share in the comments below.

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