Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Hay Bale Gardening

I'm seriously looking into doing this with hay not straw. This will be great for the area that stays kind of wet and not useful for much else.
I think it's very ingenious. After fertilizing the hay bales initially and water for aproximately 10 days you add your starters and seeds. Then there is a minimal of weeds and no more fertilizing.
This is also going to be good for doing herbs as well.
Learn more here: Hay Bale Gardening
I'm going to look into craigslist and other places. There are times I've found things dirt cheap or for free so I'll see what I come up with and will be one way I'll get my seeds and starts going.
If nothing else I'm sure there is a local farmer to purchase from.
Is this something you might consider doing or not?
Learn more here: Hay Bale Gardening

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