Saturday, March 28, 2020

Even If It's a Rainy Day

Happy Saturday

I found myself wishing the sun would come out and dry things up a bit. But then I got to thinking about something.


One of the dogs, Dusty wants to be outside whether wet or dry, rain or snow. It matters not to him.
So I thought, "why am I stewing a bit about this rain". Sure I don't like it so wet and muddy but it's just rain and it's just muddy. It will dry.
I can be grateful we have rain and it's not so dry nothing grows or resembling a desert. 
I have three lovely dogs that are precious and three cats I wouldn't trade for anything either!
I have food, a garden and so much more.
And today I'm going to enjoy the beauty of the rain!

If your feeling out of sorts today, discouraged or frustrated, what are you grateful for today?
Share below in the comments. You may just help someone else pull out of a slump or discouragement.

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