Saturday, March 7, 2020

Another Passion Heard From

Good evening. It's nice cool early evening here. How about where you are?
Oh don't forget if your in U.S. to turn your clock back for daylight savings time. 

On weekends as much as possible I'd like to start focusing on some very extraordinary entrepreneurs.
We all have busy schedules during the week and may not have time to stop and meet some new folks that we might like to connect with. 

I'll also be posting on Nichaholic and Graphics side of things here on site and on the Facebook group as well (another passion or two of mine).

I know, I know we probably try to connect with potential customers during the week if in business, or we go to work 8-5, connect with family and friends on the weekend, clean our house, sleep in and we just get plum crazy busy and wore out. So take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee or tea, settle in and do spend some time exploring others in the world around you this weekend. 

This evening I want to highlight a dear friend, mama, wife and business owner of several businesses.
Lauren Neumann and her husband, Matt work hard together. They actually will go more than the extra mile to have a home and the best for their kids. I love their commitment and believe they deserve so much support and honor!

They create some pretty cool crayons for kiddos and you you can see their creations and learn more at
Lauren and Matt have started vending machines to place in strategic places for the kids. Much better than a machine you plug with money and take a chance you won't get a toy!

 Lauren offers Younique products (Ren's Reflections)to her customers and to me she's an artist with a talent with showing you how to accent and make your beauty shine! Lauren doesn't just sell you something! She'll help you determine the right product, colors and how to apply what you purchase. She's got a commitment to customer service that is amazing.
Lauren always has some specials going on that are worth not missing out and getting your hands on as well. Stop over and visit Ren's Reflections!

Lauren and Matt also have started a new venture, Your Spirit Service They have Tarot Tuesday and maybe you'd like to jump into this among other awesomeness.
Any tips/support on their page would be greatly appreciated!!

Lauren is going to be undertaking growing Lavender and Sage to sell this summer as well.
I love lavender and Sage and I'm looking forward to this.

I hope you've enjoyed learning about this very awesome couple and entrepreuners. Please do support them and share!

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