Sunday, March 8, 2020

Another Passion Heard From Pt 2

Good afternoon.
I'd like to share a couple more amazing business owners this afternoon.
I want to firstly, introduce the lovely Ces Rosanna Price and her beautiful Branding support. She's amazing. I hope you will stop over and visit and share.
Ces is having a  Free Branding Support Day
you don't want to miss out on.
Ces is a branding designer who creates soulful designs. She seeks to inspire, encourage and enable spiritual entrepreneurs to promote their businesses online in a meaningful way.
I hope you'll stop over and see some examples of Ces's Branding Designs and perhaps your going to find a good fit working with Ces.

Secondly, I'd like to introduce Emma Buford, creator and owner of Business Rocks Academy.
Emma has a few offers and surely one may be suited just for you!
Are you ready to build your dream business.
Emma is offering you an opportunity to join Invanto

With Invanto 
 you can build a membership site, create online courses, start a discount store and let your creativity flow in lots of ways. 
Be sure to stop over and explore. Invanto is chock full of lots of apps you can go learn more about.

Emma is also offering a Cartfog Challenge that starts soon. This is s a great way to check out Invanto, possibly learn to create more courses, and successful membership sites.Join Emma's  Invanto Club for a FREE Taster and sign up for our new $7 CartFog Sales Funnel Challenge
Go ahead and give it a look and see what you think .

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