Sunday, March 22, 2020

A Chilled Day: Business Highlights

 Good evening. I hope your Sunday has been a good one.
Mine has been a chilled day.
Made some potato soup and did my best to connect and encourage others throughout the day.
How about you? How was your Sunday?
Share in the comments!
Tonight I want to do what I usually do on the weekend at some point-Highlight businesses I believe are truly awesome. 
First thing I'd like to do is share the Group Convert Challenge with Kim Dang that starts tomorrow and it's FREE! 
We've been given the gift of time and opportunity to develop our groups and go further than we imagined.
Group Convert is helping me take things to another level and I'm excited.
A Message and invite from Kim Dang below:

Want to Automate Your Group and Sell Out Your Offers?
I want to PERSONALLY invite you to the GroupConvert 5 Day Group Growth Challenge.
Quite a mouthful eh?
The goal of the challenge is to show you the awesomeness of GroupConvert and how it will help you do things like...
Convert your passive members into active buyers on Autopilot
Let you grab email, sms, and send people into your pipeline in ninja ways without getting bogged down in the tech
Enable you to show up for your tribe so you can sell out your offers and not leave anymore money on the table. Increasing your income and impact.
We start on MONDAYYY MARCH 23rd at 11am PST.
🔥How To Use GroupConvert & Automation To Launch Your High Ticket Offer
(Without Paid Ads or Huge Following)🔥
Day 1: Your 6 Figure Mindset and How To Easily Craft Your High Ticket Offer
Day 2: The Most Leveraged Approach To EVERGREEN and AUTOPILOT Your Customer's Journey From Group To Offer (We help you not let the tech get in the way)
Day 3: How To Pitch Your High Ticket Offer For Your Group and Position Yourself As An Expert
Day 4: Be Courageously Loud, Sell, and Build An Audience You Are Excited To Serve
Day 5: Power Levers To Scale Sales
🔥How do you join?
Step 1: Click here👉
Step 2: Post within the group👉 I'm part of the 5 Day challenge, LET'S GOOO!!!
Step 3: INVITE a friend who might benefit from this challenge INTO the group and tag them in this post!
Grab Groupconvert the chrome extension (if you haven't already) to be part of the challenge!
For the first 200 Challenge Registrants we are giving away our INSTAGRAM chrome extension as a bonus!

The lovely Ces Rosanna Price with Inspired to Inspire has some Spring Time Marketing Design Offers....

Whatever your take is on the current global situation and how it is effecting your life, I wanted to use this months deals to offer some positive energy and support to your amazing business during this challenging time. Lots of DESIGN DEALS available for you.

If you are in need of professional designs for any of the following, take a look or contact me now.... 

Flyers, Posters, Adverts, Social Media Banners, Social Media Templates, Brochures, Workbooks, Ebooks, Ebook Cover, Power Point Slides, Power Point Template Design, Bespoke Icons, Youtube Banner/Thumbnails/Templates/Intro, Webinar Graphics, PDF Template Design, Printables & more

Head over to see what Ces has blooming for you= Inspired to Inspire 'Springtime Marketing Designs

Susan Brookes with Positive Kids Facebook Group has lots of fantastic links to resources to help and keep busy all the children that will now be at home, as well as information to support their and their parents emotional well being at this time. If you have kiddos and are a parent stop over and plug into the group.
That's all for tonight folks. I hope you sleep well and peaceful.
See you tomorrow!
#KimDang #GroupConvert #Challenge #InspiredtoInspire #PostiveKids 

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