Wednesday, February 12, 2020

💕 Good Afternoon 💕

Good afternoon!
The temps are starting to drop here as promised by the weather man. 
I am liking my warm coffee this afternoon and thought I'd share a cup with you too.
I've enjoyed the weather being a bit warmer.
Not much of the snow has melted but enough to give the dogs mud to get into lol

I've been giving my washer and dryer a work out with towels and rugs. 

I'm just getting back here a lot more after a series of events has thrown me off kilter a bit.
I've had friends who lost three young boys. They were murdered and robbed by three young men not much older than they are. 
The grief has been devastating for the grandma and mom as well as the rest of family and friends.
I hope all has been well with you the last week.

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