Saturday, January 18, 2020

Iowa Winter at Our House

 Good Morning. 
What are your plans for today? We've been in a winter storm since yesterday. For the most part the dogs like all this snow. Marie isn't in the video since she isn't real fond of the wind and blowing snow. The other two could care less but they don't hesitate to come back in after playing a little. Yesterday 6 months old Gracie jumped off the wire playpen she used to sleep in and caught her leg. Unfortunately she fractured the leg. I was at work and so thankful my daughter Bryan N Brooke could get her to the vet before the storm really hit. I couldn't imagine her being in pain, with no meds or a splint all weekend. She's not a happy camper but she's going to heal in time. That playpen comes out of my room today! Cindy

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