Thursday, January 16, 2020

A Commitment to Thrive

 One of my important commitments is to
 Thrive Not Just Survive!
Heaven knows I've done enough of that in my life time.

I created a group on Facebook sometime ago in conjunction with Home at Hearth to Thrive and help you do so as well! I now have a page here on the new site dedicated to Thriving no matter what comes our way.The purpose of this site, group and page is to think more out of the box, be prepared for any emergency or disaster, stay up-to-date on what's happening in the world around us & how that can affect living, live simple if you want to, learn some prepper hacks, get supplies and products, have support and community with others and more. Aren't concerned about prepping or emergency preparedness!! No problem, although you may find some hacks and helpful info/products to just simplify life, cut down on costs of electricity for instance, eat healthier, be healthier overall, grow & make your own food, clean your house without chemicals and lots more.
So let's get to thriving beyond just 'surviving' life as it is!
Since the page is new and isn't a lot shared yet, I thought I'd share what I created last August since it's still as vital as ever in preparing for any disaster.
It's my first go at a video and e-book of this sort so it's a bit rough but you'll get a lot out of it regardless πŸ˜ƒ And don't forget to visit the page, stay connected and join the Facebook group as well.
I'd love to have you be a vital part of this!

 I've Created 'Gone Before You Get There' For People Like You. Be Prepared for any Disaster or Emergency that Happens. I've Created the video to show what's in the E-book I've prepared for you. Gone Before You Get There is yours right now for $19.99. The link is below to get your E-book. Once your payment has cleared you'll receive an email to download your ebook. Thanks Cindy


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