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A Good Autumn Evening

Good evening.
How's your day been?
It's been a cool, cloudy and windy day here.
On the way to work and home I noticed the beautiful color of the leaves. Makes the cool and cloudy day all worth it!

I know most people don't drink coffee in the evening because it keeps them awake.
It never does me and it sure warms me up tonight.
It is especially warming since I still have this congestion and sore throat. 

I'm a bit behind I know but it's time to start sharing again the novel, 'What if Martial Law was Declared'.
Below you will find the links for Part 1-4 on Thrive Don't Survive to read at your leisure. If your like me you won't want to stop reading. 
Enjoy your evening and I look forward to sharing more soon.
What if Martial Law Was Declared by Jack Woods

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