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'What Would Happen if Martial Law Were Declared' Part 1

Good evening. I shared a message yesterday on Facebook that I was working on doing a video for the Fictional Novel, 'What Would Happen if Martial Law Were Declared'. The more I commenced on working on it, I realized I can't do Jack Woods novel justice by doing the video. In addition, I believe I'll rob you of the visuals and impact you'll have as you read this novel even not all in one sitting. What I did was create an intro to the 1st Chapter and perhaps I'll do one for each chapter he's written..
I will also link to Dan's site, 'Sullivan Survival' for each chapter where he shares the novel to help others. I'd rather do this than waste time with you waiting for the next chapters so long. I'm beginning again with Chapter 1 and the link is below for Chapter 1 after you watch the video.Other chapters will follow soon.

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