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👪BBQ, 🐶Treats and Cooking with Fire 🔥

Good Morning and Happy Saturday!
I haven't shared for sometime.
I've been busy looking for a new house and working quite a few hours.
Also after my website fail and discovering after months working on the new site, discovering it wasn't properly viewable on your phone or tablet, I've started over with a new site and lots of changes.
So I ask your patience with me and what I'm doing.

This morning the dogs were up early as usual but it afforded me the opportunity to get their dog treats done for a few days.
I no longer use a recipe. I simply beat 2 eggs, add aprox. a cup of applesauce, a cup of peanut butter, mix and add my flour until it's of consistency to scoop on a spoon and put on the pan. I bake at 350 for 17 minutes and their done. 


Labor Day is coming this week as well as it's the start of a new month.
For many this is 'Labor Day' weekend and many are celebrating with BBQ and get togethers.

This morning I was watching CBS This Morningand loved their segment on Francis Mallman,
Francis Mallman is the world's most famous proponent of open fire cooking. Open fires are the oldest cooking method in the world -- but Mallman has taken them to new levels. He's been honing his primal technique for two decades, following an early start in a far more refined setting: classic French kitchens. 
Mallman's message seems clear. Get out of your chair, and venture out into the wilderness. Having seen and become enthralled with the theatre of fine dining, Mallmann's style in the country seems theatrical in a different way. Friends, food, and wine are valued, almost revered, and the wilderness is seen as a place to reflect on the joys and sorrows of life. Surely, we can all agree on that.

“It’s a land that you learn to love very slowly. You start to understand it’s winds, the storms, the solitude. And once you understand how she is, you start to love her.”
— Frances Mallmann on Patagonia: Quote from his episode on the Netflix series Chef's Table
Watch the video below from CBS Saturday Morning 
(Sorry about their commercials)but I think you'll appreciate what Frances is doing!

I love being outdoors and cooking over fire when not using my Sun Oven. 
 Let me know your thoughts below, if you enjoyed this post and what your up to this weekend. 
P.S. Frances also has a great book,

Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way


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