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Gone Before You Get There Pt. 3

At the end of this post you will have an opportunity to sign up to be notified when e-book, 'Gone Before You Get There' is ready. It's almost complete and really would like you to have what I've shared here in the ebook form along with a lot more on this subject. Let me get to the last part I'll be sharing here for now.

Prepared to Stay Short Term
A Little at a Time

The secret to creating an emergency survival stockpile is to begin with a few items and gradually add items which allow you to increase from week to week and month to month. The key is slowly and steadily stock up. The idea isn’t to go into debt purchasing items in huge bulk amounts, thinking this will sustain you in the time of calamity. You need to set up a plan and then stick to it. Take an honest look at what you might need for at least a week or two with no water, lights, or heat (or air conditioning). What would you need to cook, how would you cook, and how would you stay warm (or cool)? Would you have water to drink and food to eat? If you must stay in your home for a short term, one of the first items you must have in your stockpile is water. Consider purchasing cases of bottled water and storing them under your bed. For many families, they’re doing good just keeping groceries on the table without purchasing anything extra. But you can begin small, by purchasing two of certain items such as condiments, canned items, packages of pasta, cans of tuna and so on. Use one and put the other one in your new stockpile. If you did this every week for a year, you would soon have that extra store that could pull you through a short-term emergency.
Be sure to cycle this food to ensure that it does not go bad. But never use any food from your stockpile without replacing it. That’s your new rule. 

Better Than Money in the Bank 
Realize that during a dire emergency, you may have money, but if there are no stores open or the stores have run out of supplies, your money is worthless. As the title of this indicates, what you need will be Gone Before You Get There. The fact is clear: food on the shelf is better than money in the bank. So determine to make the investment now! If you follow through to begin a small stockpile, you have now taken another major step in your state of preparedness. Give yourself a big pat on the back. You are no longer hiding your head in the sand pretending nothing will ever happen to you. You are now being honest and realistic. 

 I look forward to sharing more in the e-book taking a look at longer-term survival tactics which will be necessary under more catastrophic conditions. If your interested in the e-book, 'Gone Before You Get There' please sign up for the email at the link below and I'll definitely be in touch soon. The E-book is almost ready so don't lose touch with me, please! Thanks so much for allowing me to share with you. I know many of you have shared how helpful it's been and for this I'm grateful!

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