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Gone Before You Get There Pt 2

Good evening. How's your week been so far?
Mine has been extremely busy.
I've been working on an e-book for you that will include all the information I am sharing and more.
I'm hopeful to have it finished by next week.
I'm also working on the new website. I had no idea a new site would involve so much and for sure it will be a work in progress for certain even after it's live. Yet, I'm excited and spurred on to take my passion to help others in the area of survival preparedness to a whole new level.
I'll also be sharing candles and soaps I create again and a lot of products for home, garden, natural care products, preparedness and more. I look forward to sharing when the new site is Live and ready to rock and roll.
So on to Part 2 of 'Gone Before You Get There!

Start Small and Work Up
Have a Well Thought Out Plan 

Your survival plan needs to be well thought out and it needs to be flexible.
Will you be forced to evacuate? Or will you be “trapped” in your home such as in the case of an ice storm or blizzard? Some disasters spell short-term
survival tactics, others may mean long-term. Still others may move you into an entirely different survival mode such as the case of nuclear or chemical warfare.

Let’s say a train carrying toxic chemicals
near your home has derailed, and you have been
ordered to evacuate. This happens suddenly,
right in the middle of a normal day. What will
you need to take with you and how quickly can
you get things put together?
Do you have access to a kit with insurance
papers, prescriptions, birth certificates,
passports and other important papers? Do you
have cash? Is your fuel tank full and if so, how
far could you make it? Do you know where to
go? Do you have a plan? 
If you answered no to all those questions, you’re not alone. Truthfully, most people wouldn’t be able to answer yes to any of those questions. Most
people have never thought about it and in all honesty, wouldn’t think about it until it’s too late – until disaster has already struck. Remember, when a crisis hits, the time to prepare has disappeared.
No one enjoys imagining the worst. Perhaps you’ve attended the latest disaster-type movie. But even then, you can come out of the darkened theater
into the light of reality once it’s over. That’s as far as most of us allow our thinking to go. It’s unpleasant indeed to realize how vulnerable we are. Our
lives are replete with multitudes of conveniences; from heat and light and running water, to washers, dryers, and automatic garage door openers. We
never really think of how much we have until the day it all goes away. Then we realize we should have thought past to the way we live today to what living
might be like tomorrow. 
It goes back to the old fable of the grasshopper and the ant. The ant diligently stores away food during the summer while the silly grasshopper
is having fun playing. When the cold of winter hits, the ants are snug and fed, and the grasshopper is dying. Again, the time to prepare is prior to any
calamity that might come.

So Where Do You Begin?

The first, easiest and most logical place to begin is to create a kit or some type of document case that can be grabbed up quickly if you need to evacuate. This will contain such things as 
- Birth certificates
 -Insurance documents
-Medical records
-Marriage license
-Divorce decree
-Government documents such as for Social Security or disability benefits
-Vehicle Titles

For any one family, this list may be longer or shorter. These should be kept in a waterproof, airtight container such as a military ammo can. If you
are forced from your home at least you’ll have legal documents and suitable identification. This will be especially helpful in case of a fire or a hurricane,
in which your entire home may be destroyed. Instead of picking through the ruins looking for your important documents, you’ll have them right with you.

The next step is to stock interim survival supplies in the trunk of your car. Keep in mind this is for short-term emergencies. These might include:
-A Case of Bottled Water
-A sheet of Heavy Plastic
-Flashlight and Fresh Batteries
-Signal Flares
-A Package of Glow Sticks
(These emergency lights are non-toxic, non-flammable and weatherproof. Lightsticks (or
glow sticks) are perfect for survival applications. Once activated, the lightstick produces reliable,
potentially life-saving light, for a predictable and dependable amount of time. You never have to
worry that a lightstick will suddenly blink out like a flashlight, and there's never a worry that a
lightstick won't last, such as a candle)

-100 hour Survival Candles
-Matches (Windproof and Waterproof)
-First Aid Kit
-Lightweight Food Items
-Beef Jerky
-Energy Protein Bars
-Powdered Milk
-Dried Fruits
-In a Cold Climate add Insulated Coveralls and Boots
-Emergency Cash (at least $20 in small bills and change)
-Toilet Paper
-A Whistle to signal for Help

Obviously your list is going to vary depending on how many are in your family and your own personal immediate needs. Get imaginative; be creative.
An author living in Oklahoma City (tornado alley) made sure she had a back up of her novel-in-progress on a computer memory stick and within easy reach.
When the massive category 5 tornado ripped through the area in 1999, her house was demolished, but her novel was safe! She had a plan and it worked.
What would be on your list? 

Another step for short-term evacuation is keeping the gas tank of your vehicle(s) topped out. Make it part of your family plan that you always have
a full tank of gas. Far too often, when families need to evacuate they forget that a loss of power means gas stations are out of business… or the lines at
the gas pumps are extremely long. If you need to get away fast and the tank is empty, you’re taking a great gamble and you may not make it to where you
want or need to go.
Take these first steps in your new survival plan. Once you have your document container prepared (and situated in a place where it’s easy to grab)
and your car survival supplies are packed, you will have made a step that fewer than 5% of the population has ever thought to make. Instead of feeling more nervous about impending disasters, you will feel immensely better. 
This exercise will place you in the mindset that is necessary to prepare on an ever increasing scale. Now we’re ready to move to the next step, survival
for the short-term. I look forward to sharing 'Gone Before You Get There Pt 3' next week. 
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