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Gone Before You Get There Pt 1

I'm starting a series on Being Prepared in a Crisis, Today is 'Gone Before You Get There Pt 1'
Some things I've covered before. We're human and we get complacent. 
Cataclysms, disasters, catastrophes, crises, calamities, and emergencies.
They happen more often than we’d like. They can range anywhere from a major earthquake, to a blizzard, to an uncontrolled wildfire, to a localized
house fire. The best way to survive any calamity is to be prepared. But how does one go about preparing for – who knows what?
It all seems so ambiguous and far removed from where we live our daily lives. We get up, take the kids to school, go to work, come home, eat, watch
a little TV, go to bed and do it again the next day (with a few vacations thrown in for good measure). In our own comfortable routines, we are lulled into a
sense of cocooned safety which leads to complacency. 
 But then something happens – a flood that wipes you out overnight.
Perhaps a tornado rips through, or a hurricane (like the now infamous Katrina), and you realize more fully how quickly an emergency can arise.
The bizarre ice storm that covered Northeastern Oklahoma in December of 2007 left hundreds of thousands without power for a week or more in
freezing weather. Few were prepared.
In July 2008, a major flood took out a large portion of Iowa and a small part of Illinois. Hundreds of thousands of people lost power and it was a
week or more before it was restored. Water-filled homes forced people to flee. There was no drinking water because of contamination. The sewers
were flooded out. When the people needed it the most, there were no FEMA trucks so others had to step in to help.
 A few months later, Hurricane Ike hit the Texas gulf coast and devastated the area including most of the coastal city of Galveston. Again, no power and
all systems that we take for granted were disrupted.
Michael Leavitt, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, stated “Any state, any community or for that matter any citizen that
fails to prepare, assuming the federal government can take care of them… will be tragically wrong.” While this was stated in regards to a disease outbreak it is equally true for any widespread massive tragedy.

 Before the Chaos
During a crisis, you might not have the time or resources, nor will you be in the right frame of mind to consider everything that you need to. This
reiterates the importance of making well-thought out plans and storing supplies before disaster hits and you’re surrounded by chaos. Therefore, you
need to take precautions now – before it’s too late.
It’s not an easy thing to know how to prepare for a disaster for the simple fact that they are all so dissimilar. On the surface, it seems an exercise in futility. Who knows what might happen? Or when? And who can do any preparation at all when a wildfire is bearing down on your home or a tornado hits? However, just because you can’t prepare for all, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for any. There are ways and means of creating a preparedness state of mind. And that’s what Gone Before You Get There is all about. This study is designed to reveal a number of systems and tactics that are little known to the general public – tactics which could mean your very survival.  
The key, of course, is in preparedness! It’s in having a solid, well-thought out plan set in place well ahead of time. This includes mental adjustments as
well as physical.

Taking precautions can help us stay out of paralyzing fear if things should happen. Hopefully, the information contained in this series will arm you with the awareness needed for you to take action now – before it’s too late! 
Stay tuned for Gone Before You Get There Part 2!
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