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It Will Never Happen to Me

Live Your Modern Life and Be a Master of Disaster!
Oh my gosh it's been a day. I have been focused on being a master of overcoming today. Good practice for whatever comes my way 不

I've been going through different and simple ways to prepare for emergencies and natural disasters.

It's late so I'm going to keep it short and sweet and do a bit of an overview.

I've been doing some reading lately and being educated a lot more on natural disasters that destroyed people's lives.
I was shocked to learn more about details of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Did you know that the mayor of New Orleans made evacuation of a coming Category 3 hurricane not mandatory rather it was voluntary. It wasn't until the hurricane strengthened to a Category 5 did evacuation become mandatory.
Because of Hurricane Ivan not being as bad as was thought many weren't leaving and going through that again.
Levees continued breaching and 100's of people were drowning.
Some people were bused to refuge camps as detainees. There were murdered people in the camp, elderly and infirmed in the hot sun dying.
Outside the camp there were looters and vigilantes killing looters. Drug addicts were killing nurses if need be to get their drugs and on and on.
Okay this is not what we want to know or read but this stuff happened to normal people like you and I.
So stuff can happen. So don't say it will never happen to me!

I tend to look at the worse case scenarios and then I back up to where we are now-where I am now and make decisions on how to make plans in case things fall apart, praying it will never be like this where I'm at.

So let's just keep it simple and do the following:
1. Buy Basics You Need Anyway

2. Change Your Food Shopping Habits. building a necessary stockpile of food, saving money in the process.

3. Start a garden inside and outside. Load up with the freshest, healthiest food on your table.

4. Develop skills that make you a more self-reliant, well rounded and interesting person.

5. Develop plans for any kind of 
emergency that will put you steps ahead of many others.
6. Position yourself to be financially on top of things

I look forward to sharing more with you soon.
Have a great night.

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