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πŸŽ• Aquaponic Here I Go 🐟

Happy Thursday everyone!
I'd shared in What are You Planting Pt 3 that I was going to venture into aquaponics.

After watching Airspeed's 'My DIY Aquaponics Aquarium Project' at I was real inspired to start my own but at a very small scale. I'm doing a Spearmint plant to start out with and because it's a smaller aquarium it will be perfect to start.

I have one fish currently but will be adding a few more by the end of the week.
My piece of styrofoam was thicker than I like but used what I have and will get a thinner piece soon and replace it.
I cut a place in the styrofoam for the filter pump and the cup and put on top of the aquarium.
I put holes in the cup to let there be free water flow then cleaned the dirt off the roots before placing it in the cup and adding to the aquarium. I have the aquarium below the LED lights and now I'm anxious to watch how things progress. Stay tuned and will share more soon.

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