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What's in Your Survival Kit

Good evening

  Tonight I'm talking about not what actually fits in an envelope rather food storage for now, the future and for day to day life being a lot simpler.

You can have your storage pantry with plenty of food stored that you don't even have to go to the grocery store so often, spend a ton of time preparing a list and shopping even when there isn't an emergency or disaster. It's called being prepared.

I'm in the process of doing some re-arranging to make things more efficient. I have an upstairs pantry and down in the basement as well.
I store foods that are canned, dried, pkged, MRE's (military grade food packaged and ready to eat as a meal), food in the deep freeze and growing veggies in the house and garden (More on that soon)

So if the power goes out, there is an emergency, disaster or I lose my income, I won't go hungry. If none of these happen I still have plenty of food and can make wholesome meals to eat. If my grandson is here on a weekend, or a family member(s) come from out of town, I can just increase the amount I'm making.
Would it be nice if there is a snow storm in winter, the power goes out in the middle of a hot summer or another catastrophe is playing out not to have to run to the store and grab all you can from already depleted shelves!
I have bread baked in the freezer and can more as needed.
So what if the power goes out, no electricity or I can't use the gas stove!
Well then I have a wood stove, sun oven, build a fire outside and have a chiminea that I can use to make  bread and other meals as well. Or I can use the generator and power things up if I choose.
I purchase milk in boxes that doesn't need refrigeration until opened. 

I encourage you to watch for sales to stock up on food and learn to use coupons effectively if your not already doing so. Only stock up on items that you save money on.
Be proactive and prepared because something could happen.
I've heard it said "Be Prepared" is more than a Boy Scout Motto.
Anyone can do this and you don't necessarily have to be a Mormon or a Doomsday Prepper!

You don't have to prepare for a year in advance if you don't want to but having some food storage and a bit more than your average pantry of food will serve you well.

I look forward to sharing more soon and more in depth. And I promise it won't be so long to wait this time!
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