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🍅 What Are You Planting 🥗

🍅If we're ever faced with a natural disaster or survival situation, growing your own food supply will be an added bonus 🥗 
If no threat occurs your still all the better to grow your own food with no GMO's or added junk!
This is about practical ideas and not difficult at all.

What if there was a natural disaster or some event that happened that destroyed a garden you planted outside! And if you rely on that food supply, what will you do then! 

Most of us are highly dependent on grocery stores to supply our every want and need when it comes to food. Others rely heavily on fast food joints when in a pinch for a meal.

I've got to tell you if you have no emergency reserve, a disaster happens and trucks stop supplying stores and fast food places even temporary--your going to be in a world of hurt.
So, if your not already, are you willing to step out and do something different?
Mind you this can be something that can be a family affair and get the kids involved!

Since it's Spring many of you have started seedlings inside to plant outside in your garden. Or you've already starting planting outside. Nothing wrong with that. If you can plant an outdoor garden you can do what I'm proposing next.
What about starting and growing your own food indoors. Even if you have only a small amount of space to grow you can be creative and start growing.
There are lots of veggies and some fruits you can grow indoors. 
Your saying, "Crap, I kill anything I try to grow"!
I encourage you to overcome this negative thinking and  let's do this together.
I've killed my share of plants and even had bugs eat the heck out of some, even in the house. So I keep pressing on, learning and not giving up when something doesn't go completely right.

Unless you have lots and lots of room inside or a huge green house you probably won't be able to grow pumpkins or watermelons.

Although there are 10 lb potato bags that you can grow more than potatoes in and their waterproof.
So today I'm asking you to think about what you'd like to start growing indoors.
Some suggestions are tomatoes, herbs, salad greens, peppers, zucchini, strawberries, sprouting and so much more.

Get a notebook, sit down, start planning, don't complicate things or over do! Think realistic how much you have room to plant and how much time your willing to commit to caring for what you grow.Will you get your family involved?
Also remember your going to need lights, either hanging, on stands and LED or fluorescent.
 I'll be back to share more tomorrow!
So get your thinker going and I'll be back with more tidbits to help.

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