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What are You Planting Pt 3

Benny deciding he would like to play in the plant dirt-NOT

How's your night going?
I got the dogs their walk and enjoyed the cooler evening.

I've been much delayed in sharing more on planting. Finally, getting back to sharing more. 
I really believe it's important to have as many food sources as possible. Your garden outdoors will be a wonderful plus and if there is a natural disaster that would destroy that garden having food growing inside will be to your advantage.

The above is my newest location with my smaller LED grow lights.

Benny the kitty has decided she has an interest in digging the dirt out of these plants (tomatoes and lavender). She didn't seem to have an interest in any other locations but here she does. She doesn't want to use them for a liter box just dig the dirt out. 
I'm open to suggestions to keep this little munchkin out of my plants. I put a plastic fence around it that she jumped over or went around. Next I'm going to be trying citrus peels since cats don't like citrus and they won't harm my plants or the cat for that matter.

  My next project is a take off with aquaponic growing and I think so simple most anyone can do this. 
Using a small fish tank or larger if you choose. I've even know people who have bought property with a pool, grew plants and went fishing for the fish in their pool to eat. 
This is a bit more elaborate than I want to do right now.

Well this is all for tonight and I'll be sharing more soon-a lot sooner than I had been I promise 😃

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