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What are You Planting Pt 2


Good morning and happy Saturday. What are your plans for today?
It's supposed to be a bit warmer here today, thankfully.
It's been windy and cold for springtime. I'll probably walk with the dogs and a bit of outdoor clean up I've been unable to do with all the wind and cold.

I've been leading up to sharing more on planting & growing your own food inside your home.
I had planned to share last night but found I needed to take some time out with the dogs.

Since I have a new rescue the dynamics of things have changed and we're all getting to know her and what we need to work on.

So let's get to growing your veggies in your home.

It's important to keep things simple. I highly suggest creating one module and then as you go forth you can replicate. 
I want to focus on creating and maintaining a shelf garden. It's the most simple to do, requiring the least space and equipment.

You can get re-usable trays from your green house or purchase here.
Ones with holes are preferable or you can poke a few holes in bottom for drainage.

You will want to put something underneath each one to catch any water drainage. I use a cookie sheet and works fine.

For Potting Soil don't just use anything.
Be sure to use organic potting soil.
For herbs and greens you want the soil 1-2 inches deep. If your growing fruiting veggies you will want the soil approximately 6 inches deep.

You can purchase below if you choose:

Next you need lighting.

I suggest using LED lighting. It's a bit more expensive but worth every penny. 
If your growing greens you will need to be certain to use blue spectrum but if growing fruiting veggies you need to use blue and red spectrum lighting.
I suggest

Luxbird 300W LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights Plants Grow Lamps Red and Blue Spectrum for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plants Germination,Vegetative & Flowering

you can purchase below if you'd like.


 No matter the time of year you can grow your veggies in the house.
As I talked about in the previous post, if there is ever a disaster or something that either destroys your garden or makes it impossible to grow outside, your going to be so ahead of the game with growing inside.

You can do this! Start with easy to grow vegetables you can grow inside and don't get overwhelmed.

Some good Green veggies to start with are

 lettuce, kale, spinach, butter oak, romaine lettuce, and Bibb.
I've placed a link below if you'd like to purchase or you can go purchase at your favorite seed store.

Some of my favorite tomatoes to grow indoor are Tiny Tim and patio varieties.
See the link to order yours below

I'll be sharing more later on so stay in touch and share in the comments what your planting and doing today. 
I have learned to fine tune much of what I'm doing and 
I was really inspired by Stacey Murphy when I watched her share on the latest Home Grown Food Summit.
She offers classes to help you as growing your own food from what your buy right at the grocery store. So do check out her site!

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