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Happy Friday and Easter Weekend

Good Morning and Happy Easter weekend

This weekend many of us celebrate the Resurrection of the Risen Savior as well as we have dinner with family and kids have a blast looking for Easter eggs and getting candy.

Sometimes because rabbits are so associated with Easter parents buy cute little bunnies from breeders or others to compliment the occassion.

Sadly most parents don't understand the care of this cute little bunny after Easter is crucial.
Bunnies are cute and cuddly but need food, water, and lots of day to day care that is unique to them. If your considering a bunny for your kids this Easter, please do your homework and count the cost before making the commitment to do so.

I work at a shelter with surrendered bunnies who are adorable.
I do hope a lot of bunnies won't end up surrendered in pet shelters or worse dying from lack of proper care. 
Enjoy your weekend!
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