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Clean Water: A Survival Neccesity

Good evening.
I hope you have had the best Thursday.
This evening I want to focus on having clean water for any emergency or disaster that may occur.

Perhaps when we think of preparedness we focus on having enough food. Maybe you even purchase MRE's or have stored food that that needs to be rehydrated or have water added to it.

Not to mention we need to have clean drinking water as well as water for personal hygience. We need to have enough for ourselves and each member of our family.
We can only last three days without drinking water so why chance being without!
You need to plan on aproximately one gallon of water a day for each person.

If you have the means and place to store water this will be excellent. 
You will need to add 1/4 cup of bleach to each gallon of water or 16 drops. 
The bleach needs to be free of scents, colors or any additives. Also needs to be 5-6% sodium hypochlorite. By all means make sure you clean your containers before adding water.
I'd also suggest not using plastic milk containers because they don't seal well. Also don't use plastic containers used for non-food items. 

Before using your water you will want to purify to remove the chlorine bleach and any impurities that may still be present. 
I use a Berkey Water Filter on a regular daily basis and it is ideal for removing the bleach and impurities from water. 
The Berkey is able to filter out chlorine, bacteria, chemicals and other impurities beyond 99.99% while leaving necessary essential minerals our body needs.
The Berkey is gravity fed so needs to electricity. If the power is out your covered. 

The Berkey above is what I use and will purify 3.5 gallons of water per hour.
If your interested in purchasing yours, you may do so below.

If your not able to store a lot of water, you know a disaster or emergency is coming you can fill your tub or any containers you have as soon as your made aware.
 You can even fill your bathtub with water and purify as needed.
Another option is to purchase a Water Bob that fits your bathtub and holds a 100 gallons of water.
A siphon pump comes with the WaterBob so you can fill jugs and purify the water in the Berkey.
It will take aproximately 20 minutes to fill.
If you'd like to have a WaterBob on hand you can purchase below.
You definitely won't be standing in line waiting to purchase bottled water flying off the shelves when you get to the store. 
If your real proactive and find good deals on bottled water at the store you could be stocking up on some or at least as much as your able to store.

There is so much more I'd like to share but will save it for next time.

I hope you have a great night!

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