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Spring Clean Your Mental Health

Guest Post by Aurora Mccausland

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes that time of year that inspires us to declutter our homes, spruce up our yards, and sweep up those dust bunnies that have been collecting for a little too long. Although it’s always important to tidy up our living spaces, it may be the perfect time to consider cleaning out our mental and emotional spaces as well.

Just like that garage filled with items you’ve either forgotten about or just never use, our thoughts and feelings need a little decluttering too. It feels good to walk into an organized home, or to enjoy a freshly cleaned floor, a mental spring cleaning can give you that same enjoyment. A boost to your psyche, a sense of accomplishment, and a giant weight off of your shoulders. Here’s a spring cleaning checklist to get you started in tidying up your mental and emotional spaces!

1. Take Time for Yourself
Start off by giving yourself some more alone time. Take time to make an internal inventory of your mind and spirit. Sometimes what clutters up our minds are the unnecessary ways we spend the precious little time we have to ourselves. Find an external act that will help promote self-reflection, like yoga or meditation, and get back in tune with the inner you. Plan out a vacation from technology. So much of our time is spent looking at screens. Try and spend some time visualizing how you want to feel in your life and amongst those around you.

2. Write More
The pen is mightier than the sword. Instead of attacking our character, and self-worth outwardly, let’s choose to be kinder to ourselves. Identifying our emotions and writing out our thoughts can help clear out those emotional spaces. We can make these emotions feel far more manageable.

You might not even realize just how much emotional baggage you’ve accumulated over time until you’ve starting writing everything down. Next time you’re feeling burdened, write it down on paper. Give yourself prompts. Ask yourself questions about how you’re feeling, why you’re feeling it, and how you’d like to feel in the future.

3. Move Your Body
You don’t need to suddenly decide to hit the gym everyday, or even to aquire an at-home gym to easily enjoy the physical and mental benefits of movement. Simply getting up and moving around is an excellent way to release stress, boost your energy, and improve your health overall.

Try to make an effort to get your body moving a few times a week. Most importantly, find activities that you enjoy! It’ll make it easier to find time for them. Whether it’s hiking, swimming, a walk around the neighborhood, or lifting weights. Strengthening your body can strengthen your mind, and moving your body can help you think.

4. Take Things Slowly
If you’re like most people, from the moment your alarm rings in the morning you’re rushing out the door. You might be forgetting little things, feeling tired at work, or entirely overwhelmed by the small stuff. It’s likely that you’re just not giving yourself the breathers you need in life. In those moments you probably feel more frantic than free.

Remind yourself that life is lived a day at a time. Whenever it feels as though life is getting the better of you, remember to take care of yourself and your mental state. No more suppressing your feelings because there’s no time for them. The time you make for your mental health is just as important as the time you make for the external world.

5. Forgive Yourself and Your Faults
It’s often easier to overlook the faults of others, but not the ones in ourselves. Over times, we tend to collect all of our negative self-reflections and evaluations. The, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m bad at relationships”, or the “I’ll never be happy”. This often comes with dwelling heavily on our past mistakes, and it clutters the present. These self-critical thoughts, feelings, and emotions are normal, but you shouldn’t let them trap you.

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