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🌞 Dehydrating with the Sun 🌞


Happy Friday everyone and a great weekend to everyone!
I'm big on dehydrating food to enjoy later or to store in my prepping pantry. I have an electric dehydrator yet if the power goes out and I'm in the middle of dehydrating, I'm going to be unhappy.

Also if there is a emergency disaster how will I dry the food from my garden before it goes to waste! The Sun Oven is a perfect solution! This video with Paul Munson, owner of American Sun Ovens explains how to use the Sun Oven to dehydrate our food.
Right now there is a 'Friendship Discount' available right now. The All American SUN OVEN with Dehydrating and Preparedness Accessory Package normally sells for $399.00. Right now with the 'Friendship Discount' you can get your Sun Oven and dehydrating package for a nice price of $289
I'm encouraging you to get your Sun Oven and Dehydrating package at great price! Use the link below and get yours ordered now.

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