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Easy Ways to Go Green This Spring

Easy Ways to Go Green This Spring
Guest Post by
Aurora McCausland
 Everybody knows that pollution is a serious problem. Year after year, we are informed by scientists that pollution levels are rising and are becoming dangerous. Recently, there was a campaign on social media called the “10-year challenge,” during which people shared pictures of landscapes ten years ago compared to now. The results were striking. Ice caps from ten years ago have melted; forests that were green and thriving have been cut down; beautiful sandy beaches have become littered with pollution, and rivers that were once clear and filled with life are now brown and filled with garbage, pesticides, and other harmful things. Here’s a statistic that might hit close to home: Salt Lake City has the worst air quality in the nation.

For the average person, those pictures and statistics are scary. Most of us want to protect the earth’s natural beauty and are saddened to see the effects that people have who do not care about the environment. What’s worse, it is common knowledge that it is not individual people who do the most damage, but large corporations that are not properly restricted by their respective governments concerning how much pollution they can generate. Despite knowing all of this and seeing the devastation that humans are causing the planet, it can be frustrating to not see anything being done about it on a large scale.

However, despite the fact that it is governments and large corporations that are responsible for most of the damage that is caused to the earth, that does not mean that individual people can’t make a difference. When it comes to protecting the environment, every little bit counts, no matter how insignificant you might find it to be. After all, the human race is made up entirely of individual people, so if each and every one of us made a commitment to do what we could to help protect the earth, our problems would be solved.

Unfortunately, that is not what is happening, but that doesn’t take away our power to do something about the damage we are seeing. If you, like me, are a bit afraid of and disheartened by the state of our planet and are disappointed in the way government officials and other people have handled it, take comfort in knowing that your contributions can and will make a difference. Here are x ways to go green this spring.

Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies
So many of the items we use every day can be made from organic, sustainable, and/or recyclable ingredients. The ingredients are inexpensive and will last a long time, making this option good for your wallet, too. If you take the time to make these products, you’ll be doing the earth and your budget a great favor. Some of the products you can make (a quick internet search will teach you how) include:

Laundry detergent
Face cream
And more
Many of the products we use and throw away without a second thought can be replaced with reusable items. We usually don’t think anything of it when we throw away a napkin, straw, or plastic bag, but over time, those small things add up pretty quickly. Once again, if you decide to replace the things you throw away with reusable options, you’ll be saving some cash and the environment, so it’s a win/win. Here are some of the things you can consider replacing:

Swap out your paper lunch sacks with a reusable lunchbox.
Use paper or cloth bags instead of plastic bags.
Use plastic containers instead of Ziploc bags.
Invest in a reusable straw. It will easily fit in your purse or car so you’ll always have it when you need it.
Make the Change Today
Protecting the earth is a cause that we all should adopt. While the best time to start protecting the environment was hundreds of years ago, the second best time is right now. All of these small changes can be made today, and they will have a positive impact on the earth. So do yourself and the earth a favor and resolve today to make a small change in your lifestyle to reduce the amount of waste you create.

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