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😃Dents and Dings Can Be a Good Thing😃

Don't let the sun set on this exciting opportunity!
If you'd like more information and more about the Sun Oven, click the image below to watch a replay of the Sun Oven Class I did with Paul Munson President of Sun Ovens International or click this link:

Sun Oven Class Replay

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If not ready, watch the class by clicking above or read below a bit more I have to share 😃
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Do you have enough fuel stored that you will be able to cook in the advent of a long-term power outage?

Are you comfortable you have a way to preserve what you harvest from your garden with no power to can or dehydrate it?

Are you happy with your electric bills? 

-Why not take advantage of what nature offers-the Sun
-Would you like to bake a perfect loaf of bread using the sun
-What if you could use the Sun as a solar dryer or dehydrator
-What if you could use the Sun to pasteurize your water
-How about hard boiling eggs easier to peel using the Sun
-Have you thought of the economical, health and enviromental benefits of cooking with the Sun
-What if using the Sun Oven would reduce your utility bills
-Could you savor delicious, melt in your mouth roast and fresh baked bread cooked in the Sun Oven while reducing your utilities bills
-What if you could kill bug infestations in your grains and dried foods
-How about sterilizing medical equipment in an emergency
-Would you like to be better prepared in emergency or disaster situations

Do any of these points strike a chord with you?
Well get your Sun Oven at a really reduced price while supplies last at the link below and happy cooking with your Sun Oven 😃
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