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A Wonderful Thursday to You

Happy Thursday everyone!

I love winter and never thought I'd get excited to see the temps getting above zero today but I am excited πŸ˜„
The arctic temps have been a bit much here and all across the country I hear. 
How is it where you are?

This week among dehydrating fruits, and working at the Pet Refuge,I've been doing some online training for a substitute teacher.
It's really made me stop and think about how I come across to others by my communication and even facial expressions.
So I chose the image with cups of trust, kindness, honesty and caring. 
I'm more committed than ever to be responsible for how I interact with others around me and even online.
I encourage you to be more self-aware today with our interactions with others. 
Now go have a wonderful Thursday!

 P.S. I have a dear friend, Lauren with Younique that could use some support today to keep active. Let's help her by doing something nice for ourselves. πŸ˜ƒ
Click the image below and see if there isn't something just for you!
January specials with Younique

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